9 Remedies for Dry Skin – Indian Beauty Tips

9 Remedies for Dry Skin – Indian Beauty Tips


9 Remedies for Dry Skin Indian Beauty TipsDry flaky and irritable skin is a major issue of the day. If you too are suffering from any such problem, follow these beauty tips for Indian skin and restore the moist, fresh and rejuvenated young looks.

  1. The most useful Indian beauty tips are usually simple home remedies which are free from harmful side effects. One such beauty tip for dry skin is a mixture of rose water and glycerin. You need to mix up both the ingredients in equal quantity by volume and apply the mixture all over your body right after showers. This is perhaps among those Indian beauty tips which are even suggested by dermatologists.
  2. Another simple but very useful beauty tip for dry skin is to test your skin for various allergies before applying beauty products or cosmetics. This is an issue we are prone to over look but experts quote it quite often while talking about Indian beauty tips.
  3. Those who are suffering from dry skin issue must not use acidic products such as astringents. A beauty tip for dry skin is to immediately stop using such products, and start using mild moisturisers. A good massage of any moisturiser is sure to restore the lost glow of your flaky skin.
  4. Indian beauty tips and all remedies for dry skin issue have one common and most important thing, that is adding up the water intake to a large extent. This is the simplest and easiest to follow beauty tip for dry skin.By doing so, the natural moisture of skin would sustain. Skin which is properly hydrated imparts a natural glow.
  5. Daily cleansing and exfoliation are a must when we talk of the remedial beauty tips for Indian skin. The polluted environment and inevitable dust particles need to be removed on daily basis. Moreover, A layer of sun screen can be very helpful in getting rid of this unwanted dry and irritable skin.
  6. Another beauty tip for dry skin is to avoid excessive scrubbing as it would peel off the external protection layer of your skin. Scrubbing is a must as it removes the dead cells, letting the fresh skin to breathe and fasten up the blood circulation, but on the other hand, excessive scrubbing is very harmful.
  7. Beauty tips for Indian skin claim that one should stop wearing heavy foundation base and other make up for long hours. These products do not let the actual skin to breathe and thus cause dryness and uneven skin tone.
  8. Among the most practical Indian beauty tips, there is the use of vitamins and mineral as a daily routine. Anyone who wants a younger and glowing skin must use more and more fruits and vegetable on daily basis. A long term routine use of vitamins and mineral is sure to bear fruit.
  9. Beauty tips for Indian skin point out that you must change the routine skin care according to the change in climate. If the climate is hot and humid, you need to cleanse your skin regularly, and must avoid greasy cosmetics and over massage. But during winter, when it is cold and dry, good massage, moisturising and cleansing have to be adopted as a confirm routine.

Restore your young and soft skin by providing yourself with the aforementioned remedies for dry skin.

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