Herbal Beauty Tips

Herbal Beauty Tips


Herbal Beauty TipsWho doesn’t want fair skin or add a glow to their complexion. This herbal tips exactly gives you what you want.

  • Method:

Almonds can be really good for your skin because of the oil in them. Soak 4 almonds overnight in water. Next day make a paste using milk to grind them. Make sure you make a fine paste. Apply the mixture before going to bed every night on your neck and face and wash it with cold water the next morning. Repeat this process every night for 15 days and see the difference.

It is not that difficult to do a home spa and this bath is just what you need. It is Rejuvenating Ginger-Lemon Bath.


  • ½ cup lemon zest
  • ¼ cup dried parsley
  • 2 tablespoons oatmeal
  • ¼ cup minced ginger root

Put all of the above ingredients in a nylon cloth, tie and throw it in a warm tub. The parsleys are good for skin, the lemon just produces a great aroma for the spa and oatmeal softens the water and this will help you enjoy a very rejuvenating bath.
Rosewater is an essential in the herbal beauty tips. This is great for refreshing the skin, giving it a glow and cleansing. The rosewater is extracted from the rose petals and is great for eyes and skin.

Winters are here and the skin tends to dry out more and here is a perfect recipe for an old fashioned lotion which is great for your hand, nails and feet. This is the perfect lotion for winters.

  • Method:

Combine parts of Rosewater and Vegetable Glycerin. Both the parts should be equal. They should be readily available at general stores and pharmacies. Make a mixture and fil a jar and apply generously while sitting in front of a heater.

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