Best Makeup Tips For 2013

Best Makeup Tips For 2013

Makeup Tips

Makeup is one the most essential parts of any women’s beauty. It’s not just a way of enhancing beauty but the makeup tip 2013 says’ makeup is the way of hiding the skin flaws’ as well.

Makeup and cosmetics tips keep on changing and that too pleasantly.  Makeup tips for 2013 is all about experimentation, but there is a definite art to applying makeup. We are all aware of disastrous makeup jobs. The best makeup tip for 2013 or any era is a ‘little makeup is better than no makeup at all’ and ‘little makeup is again better than a lot of makeup’- overdoing or under doing will both spoil your original beauty.Here are some makeup tips for 2013which can be altered according to everyone’s choice:

Matte Makeup

Many of us are too fond of quality of pictures we want and are very conscious about them so go for mattes. They don’t have any sparkle or shimmer and the camera flashes light on your face and if you are wearing a lot of liquid stuff on your face, it will be like an oil spill on your face. So first makeup tip 2013 is to go for mattes and second makeup tip 2013 is to apply your makeup in natural light as indoor lighting can change the whole look of your cosmetics. Thus causing too much makeup to be applied on your skin.

Makeup Techniques

Be technical when applying your makeup. Choose only one facial feature to highlight. Apply makeup to your entire face which includes eyes, lips, neck and cheeks. If you are creating a bold eye statement, then don’t enhance your lips and cheeks. Over-emphasizing many facial features results in comic makeup.

Blending Makeup

Blending is one more makeup tip 2013. This is because the foundation that is not blended is really upsetting. Makeup that is not applied properly over the cheeks, lips andall parts makes it looks like a mask applied. Lightly blend your foundation into your neck, ears and hairline.


Knowing your skin tone is one of the mostessential makeup tip 2013. Your skin can have three tones broadly- light with pink overtones, golden, very dark.  Choose your foundation color very carefully to match your skin color. You’ll surely learn that the correct foundation gives your skin a smooth matte finish without changing the tone.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow does the trick- Most eye shadow palettes have three shades of one basic color or contrasting colors. The makeup tip 2013 is to apply the darkest color in a line along the crease. Apply the medium shade along the eyelashes and the lightest shade just above the darker line and then blend it well.

Mascara & Eye Liner

Neat liner and mascara makeup tip 2013- If you are using lip liner or eye liner, don’t outline it with thick darker lines. Instead use softer, thinner lines and then blend it. Smudging the outline and blending it with the lipstick is also fine if done neatly.

Maintain Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the beauty and an essential part of a well-defined face, thus do not shave off your eyebrowslike many women do and make one with an eye pencil but instead of this, just pluck your eyebrows to form a nice semicircle, thicker at the inner edge and thinner at the outer edge. Eyebrows with good eye makeup catch the attention of the whole face.

Don’t Skip Blush on

Skipping blush will wash your face out and is a very poor makeup tip for 2013 if any. But many women are not ina practice of applying blush on their cheek bones but they don’t know how important it is for makeup tip 2013.Blushes always beautify and freshen your face, it lights up the whole makeup so don’t forget this makeup tip 2013.

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