How to Make your own Organic Cosmetics

How to Make your own Organic Cosmetics

How Make Own Organic CosmeticsLet’s face it, artificial cosmetics do make us look beautiful but it is temporary and they also have their side effects due to the chemicals mixed in these cosmetics which results in damaging our skin.

These damages due to artificial cosmetics appear later on our skin though some of them may appear sooner. My suggestion would be that one should start using natural and organic cosmetics which are free from all those chemicals which are harmful for our skin.

Also these organic cosmetics cost less than the artificial one when bought. Even if we make these organic cosmetics ourselves, these will still be less expensive than those artificial products which people usually buy.

Making your own organic cosmetics is no rocket science. In fact these are pretty to make with the items which we use in our homes on daily basis. We know what ingredients we are using while making these cosmetics so there would be less amount of worry because some of us might be nervous about making organic cosmetics at home for the first time wondering that will it turn out right or not. There is no need to be nervous when you follow the steps very carefully and I am going to tell you how to make your own organic cosmetics.

Steps To Make Your Own Organic Cosmetics:

There are lots of cosmetics which we can make by ourselves at home. One of such commonly made cosmetics is a face mask. Now you feel a little bit confident don’t you? Similar to it you can make others as well.

Face Mask:

Let start off with a slightly easier task because facial masks are the most commonly homemade natural and organic cosmetics which we can make with quite ease. You can make different types of masks depending on the different types of skin but we are going to tell you about those face masks which go with all types of skin:

Yogurt masks can be used on all types of skins. So here is another yogurt face mask for all type of skin. Take one tablespoon of natural yogurt. Its temperature should be the same as your room temperature. Now add a tablespoon of honey to it. The honey which you add should not be hardened. It would be best if you microwave it for a bit to make it a little softer. After mixing these two you can apply it on your face. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes then wash it off with a steaming washcloth.

Depending on your type of skin you can make adjustments to it. Like add a few drops of lime juice for oily skin and an extra tablespoon of honey for dry skin.

Homemade Scrubs:

Homemade scrubs are the 2nd easiest cosmetics which can make at home if we are going for self made natural cosmetics.

It is important to exfoliate every once in a while and the best time to do it is when your skin is dry. To make a natural scrub all you need some sugar, salt and oil. Suggestion is that you should go for a sugar and oil scrub as sugar is gentler to skin and go for a baby oil or olive oil. No matter the amount of sugar you take the oil should be half of that amount. For example if you take 1 cup of sugar then you should take half cup oil. When mixed apply it on your body then rinse thoroughly and you are done.

Body Lotion:

Cosmetics like body lotion can also be prepared at home and it can come under the category of organic cosmetics just as the other ones.

To prepare body lotion at home you need three main ingredients while the fourth is optional. The three ingredients are, half cup of organic coconut oil and almond oil each and 1 cup of Shea butter. Lavender oil is an optional ingredient for fragrance. Put all the ingredients in a double boiler and heat it the coconut oil and butter melts. Then chill it in the freezer till it hardens and last use the mixer to whip it up. 5 minutes would be enough then leave it for a few hours to settle down and you are done.

Lip Balm:

Time to mention today’s last product from the organic cosmetics but this doesn’t that these are the only cosmetics which you make. There are plenty more organic cosmetics which you can make.

Lip balms are also easy to make organic cosmetics. The things you need are 2 tablespoons of Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax each and you can add 5 to 10 drops of vanilla extract for flavoring.

First melt the beeswax in a pan then add the Shea butter and coconut oil and let them melt then add the essential oil which we mentioned as vanilla extract. The temperature should be kept low while heating them. Then fill the containers with the lip balm and add a few extra drops of the essential oil and allow it cool that it hardens and these cosmetics are ready for use.

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