L’OCCITANE Welcomes Spring Summer with the Launch of its Cherry Rouge Collection

L’OCCITANE Welcomes Spring Summer with the Launch of its Cherry Rouge Collection

L’OCCITANE  launches its new Cherry Rouge Collection on the eve of summer; inspired by a valley of colorful orchards filled with cherry trees, a symbol of youth and renewal. The collection is made with a cherry extract from the Luberon region of southern France.

As the evening falls on the first summer nights on the Luberon hills, cherry blossom petals turn red in the setting sun. Soon the branches of the trees will be covered with juicy fruits, glistering like deep-red pearls. In a pleasing floral and fruity accord, the Cherry Rouge Collection celebrates the changing beauty of cherry blossom announcing the arrival of summer days.

It is because cherry blossoms fly away in the first breeze of spring that they are so rare and precious” – Olivier Baussan, L’OCCITANE Founder.  Captivate your senses with the new floral and fruity Cherry Rouge Eau Intense (EDP). The innovative Fragrance Touch is a gel format of the Cherry Rouge Eau

Intense – the perfect size for your handbag! Complete your collection with the limited edition Cherry Rouge Shower Gel that delivers a fruity burst of rich cherry fragrance to your daily shower routine, the Beautifying Lotion and the Hand Cream that melts into your skin.

Please find the product information below:

LOCCITANE collectionRed Cherry

1. Cherry Rouge Eau Intense  50ml

As the sun sets and the cherry trees reveal their ardent hues, L’OCCITANE gathers their scented petals to capture them in a new fragrance for women. The moment is fleeting. The perfumer of Provence takes this delicate harvest and warms it in vats, to extract the essence of an intense, floral and fruity eau de parfum.

From ephemeral pink to a deep, crisp red, spring flowers and summer cherries come together as one. The freshness of citrus top notes kindles over a sensual base of olive wood and musk, bringing out the sweet heart notes of this mouth-watering scent. Its brightly coloured, screen-printed bottle, like a meeting of the setting sun and cherry trees, only adds to the allure of this cherry-red temptation.

The Red Cherry Eau Intense, held in a new 1.7Fl.oz. bottle, was created by Karine Dubreuil, perfumer for L’OCCITANE. With sheer transparency, it reveals a romantic scent that lingers beautifully on the skin.

2. Cherry Rouge Fragrance Touch (Perfumed Gel) 15ml

LOCCITANE PerfumeCelebrating the beauty of cherry blossoms in the setting sun and the arrival of their glistening red fruits, the innovative Eau Intense gel formula is conveniently packaged in a small tube, perfect for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. The innovative Fragrance Touch ensures that its intense mouth-watering notes never leave you.

Top notes: lemon, orange, blackcurrant
Heart notes: wild lily of the valley, red cherry, raspberry
Base notes: white musk, heliotrope, olive wood

3.Cherry Rouge Shower Gel – Limited Edition 250ml

LOCCITANE GelBright and invigorating, this luscious gel is the perfect wake-up call. Like the colours and scents of a new breaking dawn, fresh water washes over the skin, bursting open with heady juicy notes that lift your spirit and restore your senses.

4. Cherry Rouge Beautifying Lotion (Body Milk) – Limited Edition 250ml

LOCCITANE Beauty ProductA body lotion so delicious, the skin gives in to temptation, soaking up the fruity extracts that leave it soft, smooth and beautifully scented. Simply irresistible.

5. Cherry Rouge Hand Cream – Limited Edition 30ml

LOCCITANE Skin CareThis melt-in cream helps gently nourish the fine skin on your hands, leaving them supple and soft as the evening sun.

Cherry Blossom

1. Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette – An eternally feminine ol factory bouquet  75ml

LOCCITANE ProductIn spring, the season of renewal, the southern wind carries with it the unmistakeable bouquet of young cherry blossoms. And every year, the perfumer of Provence transforms these fleeting petals from the ‘tree of youth’ into a delicate eau de toilette, captured this spring in a newly designed 2.5 Fl.oz. bottle.

More luminous and full of harmony, the new Cherry Blossom bottle shines with a timeless elegance. With L’OCCITANE’s typically refined touch, hot foil stamping on the box enhances the illustrated cherry tree branches with a delicate quality, in multiple facets of pink.

Top notes of cherry and freesia illuminate the warmer base of wood, amber and musk. This olfactive setting allows the heart of the fragrance, a duo of cherry blossom and lily of the valley, to truly bloom.

Top notes: cherry, freesia
Heart notes: cherry blossom, lily of the valley
Base notes: wood, amber, musk

2. Cherry Blossom Petal- Soft Cream – Limited Edition 100ml

LOCCITANE CosmeticsThe velvety – soft cream that pampers body, face and hands. With all the delicate softness of a petal caressing the skin, it helps moisturize skin.

3. Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel – Limited Edition  250ml

4. Cherry Blossom Body Milk  250ml

5.Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 75ml  & 30ml


Since 1976, the olfactory territory of Provence has unceasingly inspired L’OCCITANE, which has always resolutely put an emphasis on simplicity.  The cherry tree is symbolic of the region. For the perfumer in Provence, it inspires creations that draw on pure and precious raw materials and call on the intimate tradition on the distiller.

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