How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party


Dress for a Cocktail PartyThe key to dress up for a cocktail party is to wear something chic, elegant but not too formal at the same time. Cocktail parties can be an informal wedding affair, a book launch or a business event. Cocktail parties are where you are served with drinks and refreshments rather than a sit down dinner. The first step towards dressing up for a cocktail party is to find out whether the event is formal or informal. If you receive a proper invitation card then you have to dress up a bit formal otherwise you can just wear your favorite dress and accessorize it. Dress and skirt lengths should vary from mini to just above the ankles. Make sure you don’t wear a sequenced gown to a cocktail party, save it for a more formal occasion.

Choose the material according to the season. But silk is a material which will look great in any season especially in the evening. Also it is easier to get shoes and matching bags with silk and woolen dresses. The idea is to put forward your femininity and make you look elegant. The dress for a cocktail party should be very chic and elegant. Too much exposure is also not right. The dress should be sexy yet decent. The second step to a perfect look for a cocktail party can be choosing accessories such as jewelry should be flattering but at the same time make sure you don’t overdo it. Then match your heels, make sure you wear formal heels to the cocktail party. A good purse is also a must because it will show while you are holding a drink and will look great with your dress too.

Your makeup, hair and nails should be proper for a cocktail party; a messy and funky look will not be a good idea. This can be the perfect look for a cocktail party.

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