Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup TipsWhen a woman has blue eyes she is said to be beautiful because the eye is a symbol of beauty. There are many blue eyes makeup tips but it all depends what look you want. The very simple and easy tip is that use shimmer and a heavy gray liner, that will make your eyes bold and it will suit your eyes too.

Woman loves to put on makeup and especially when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup is very important it enhances your eyes and if you have done the perfect eye makeup then no doubt you are looking beautiful.  Blue eyes are the prettiest eyes ever. When you have blue eyes then you must know blue eyes makeup tips. Here we will discuss some colors which will be the best blue eyes makeup tips.

A woman who has blue eyes is very rare in Pakistan but some woman has. The first blue eye makeup tip is that take a silver color eye shadow and apply the silver color to the lashes till the eyebrows. After than take the lavender color eye shade and blend it with the silver color and blend it well than no can say that you have used two colors. Blue eye makeup tips says that after it take a violet color eye shade and blend with the other two colors which were silver and lavender. When you are done with the next step for blue eye makeups-tips are that apply dark gray color eyeliner and apply it in thin layers. After that apply mascara on it and you are done with the eye makeup.

The very simple blue eye makeup tip is that use orange color eye shade. Orange is a warm color and it will suit blue eyes especially in winters.When you do right makeup on eyes the eye ball color gets enhanced and this is the beauty of makeup. Blue eye makeup tips don’t use more intense colors such as black. The colors which must be used for blue eyes grays and browns. The blue eye makeup tipis that you can use deep violet mascara only and your eye color will be enhanced.

Blue eye makeup tips is that always use mink brown color, a gray earthy brown color, these two colors will compliment the blue eyes.  The very simple blue eye makeup tip is that apply a lighter color on the eyelid and to give a darker effect you can apply dark brown color and make sure don’t ever use reddish color for blue eyes these colors will make eyes look horrible.

Women do use lots of technique for blue eye makeup. Another blue eye makeup tip is that woman doesn’t know what color to wear on such pretty eyes. Blue eye makeup tips suggest that use rule of thumb, use colors like pinks, Fuchsia, copper, lilac, gold and camel. If you have a dark blue eyes than apply dark blue eye shadow. Blue eye makeup tips also say that select the liner very wisely. Use darker and darker shade of eyeliner it will look good. Go for dark blue eyeliner and dark green eye liner. One can also use pale purples and pink color eye liner these colors really work for blue eyes.

Simplest blue eye makeup tip is that if you use shimmers or a white sparkly liquid eye pencil and you are done with the eye makeup because the sparkly color will enhance your eyes.Another very important blue eye makeup tip is that use black color mascara. You can also experiment with dark blue mascara but it won’t suit everyone. Mascara compliments the eyes.Everyone knows how to do smoky eye makeup; it is the best blue eye makeup tips. Go for color like gray and silver in it and use black color in the corner and blend it well. In eye makeup blending is the game and use a gray eye liner and mascara and your makeup is done.

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