8 Amazing Homemade Hair Treatments

8 Amazing Homemade Hair Treatments

We girls just love our hair and why shouldn’t we? Those beautiful locks are our prized possessions. Right from admiring their reflection in the mirror, to spending hours perfecting a hair style, we give it all. And yet every morning we find strands of hair here and there. Right from your comb to your car, if you find your hair strands pretty much everywhere then this article is just about to brighten your day, because we are bringing to you 8 secret tips that will go a long way to help you prevent hair fall. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and read these tips to beautiful and lustrous hair!

1. Your wet hair needs some TLC

Your wet hair needs some TLC
Your wet hair needs some TLC

Your hair is most vulnerable when wet. So after that warm hair bath, it is important to towel dry your hair the correct way. You need to gently press, dab and squeeze your hair to dry it. Rubbing it harshly against the towel causes damages, breakage and hair fall. Using a blow dryer too often can also lead to hair damage.

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2. Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment
Hot oil treatment

Hair fall can be treated with routine hot oil head massages. Heat any natural oil like coconut, canola or olive oil and gently apply it to your scalp and hair. Then treat your hair to some steam by soaking a towel in hot water and then applying it to your scalp. After the steam, leave the oil on for an hour and then shampoo your hair.

3. Use the right comb

Use the right comb

It is very important to use the right comb after a hair bath. Using a too fine-tooth comb can cause a lot of breakage. So get yourself a wide-tooth comb to prevent hair fall right after a wash.

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4. Style your hair, but with care

Style your hair, but with care
Style your hair, but with care

While styling your hair with curls and perms sure does look fashionable, it is causing more harm to your hair than good. To keep those long locks healthy it is important to say good-bye to all the products that are causing damage to your hair and be cautious about what you use. After styling, make sure to give your hair some TLC with Dove’s Intense Hair Repair Shampoo to keep those beautiful locks flattering.

5. Apply green tea on your hair

green tea
Apply green tea on your hair

Surprised as you may be, green tea is great for your hair. The anti-oxidants in green tea help prevent hair damage and breakage. All you need to do is brew two tea 2 bags of green in one cup of water. Once the tea cools slightly, apply it to your hair and leave it on for an hour.

6. Always condition your hair

Always condition your hair

Your hair products matters immensely for your hair car. Make sure that you choose the products according to your needs. To prevent hair fall and damage never forget to condition your hair. Wear beautiful open, nourished hair with Dove’s Intense Repair Conditioner.

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7. No more crash diets

No more crash diets
No more crash diets

All of you who think going on crash diets is the best way to lose weight, think again! While you may come down a few dress sizes, your hair fall is bound to double. Give your body the nutrition it requires and see the magic.

8.Change your lifestyle

Change your lifestyle
Change your lifestyle

If your lifestyle involves daily stress be it at work or home, change it. Stress is known to be the biggest cause of hair fall. So let that pretty hair loose and party instead!

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