Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark & Dusky Skin Tone

Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark & Dusky Skin Tone

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important days in a girl’s life, and she dreams for the perfect one. From the wedding costume to the makeup that she will wear, all should be tucked in “perfection” and why not, she will be the only point of attention. 

Makeup Tips

You have no idea how much excited I am for my “special day”, in fact I have chosen the theme color as well “blue- my favorite color”.  We girls are in a habit of getting excited for things easily and to a level, but this day is one extraordinary day in our life that we have been dreaming of ever since we were a little cute dolls. We dream of a fairytale to happen, a handsome hunk on the white horse with that perfect smile on his face on one side, and on the other a heart throbbing bride with full of colors, zest and happiness for the life ahead and those happy moments etched in photographs and videos forever and ever. Wow! It actually took me there. 

Indian skin tones vary from person to person but whether we are fair, dusky, or dark, we all want to get that perfect Barbie look for our wedding day to spellbind the man of our dreams. Most of the people think that only women with fair skin could be the prettiest bride, but I just want to say to all those people who think the same, that you are mistaken here. Even dusky or dark skin women can also look beautiful and attractive on their best day. You have chosen the best dress, and the perfect accessories but the makeup that you wear as a bride should even be selected with great concern, keeping your skin tone in mind as it is very important for the makeup to be right. If you are blessed with dark or dusky skin, then there’s a lot you can play around with and enhance your wedding look.

1) For your Attractive Dusky Face:

Attractive Dusky Face

Dark skin tends to look ashy or washed off if it is not moisturized properly and this is one reason that it becomes more essential for brides with darker skin tone to invest in a good quality moisturizer. Make sure, you apply a good moisturizer after your daily shower to keep your face and skin hydrated and glowing. Also reapply the moisturizer whenever you feel that your skin is drying out, and if that means applying your moisturizer after every 4 hours. Your moisturizer should contain glycerin, lanolin, and SPF of minimum 30 as its active and major ingredients.  

2) Acne or Pimple Scars:

Acne or Pimple Scars

Dark skin is more prone to acne and pimples. Do not pick at your pimples or any other scars especially near your wedding day, as they are more visible on your skin than those with lighter skin tone. Have patience, they will disappear with time, or try homemade recipes using coriander leaves and turmeric powder, or rose water. You can also try and avoid foods which make your acne worse.

3)  Find the Right Foundation

Find the Right Foundation

Be extremely careful while selecting the shade of your foundation, as it can spoil your entire look. Choose the shade wisely, and do not choose anything that is lighter than your skin tone as your skin may look grayish or ashy. Also avoid shades that make you look lighter or darker, as it may look like a second skin on your face. Choosing a matching foundation is very must, to get a perfect look and for that, stick to mute colors to avoid looking over the top. In case you cannot find a perfect match, pick up two colors to blend and apply on your skin.

Also, it is advised to opt for a good quality liquid foundation than using a powder foundation as powder foundation doesn’t spread evenly. Always remember: while choosing the foundation for your skin, try the tester on your forehead, or just above your jaw line instead of tying it out on the back of your hand while selecting your foundation. It gives you a better idea and makes it easy for you to choose the foundation that is making a perfect match with your skin.

4) Use Powder

Use Powder

Darker skin tends to look oily and shiny soon, you can use a face powder that matches your skin tone best. Powder also softens your skin.  Take pride in your complexion and choose the color that compliments you.

5) Blush-Blush

Blush makes your skin

Blush makes your skin pop and gives you a ‘lucky go lucky’ look. Shades like peach, gold, bronze, wine, coral, rose, or any darker shade will compliment your skin tone. Out of these a combination of gold and rose can make you look prettier on your wedding day and your “better half” won’t take his eyes off you. The earthy toned blushes are your best friends.

6) Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Tips

Your eyes are the greatest asset that you have; they convey more than your words could ever do. If you have a dark skin tone, opt for some bold shades like purple, green, metallic, copper, brown, shades of grey, and burgundy are ideal for your skin. Smoky eyes will look stunning on those with a darker complexion, if that suits your wedding dress and you can carry it with grace on your wedding day. You can even mix two shades that are closely similar and belong to the same family.

So that they complement each other and make you look more dazzling. If the function is during daytime, you can opt for gray or brown eyeliner and to add thickness to the eyelashes make sure you use mascara. Also pay a good attention to your eyebrows to make certain that they are in proper shape and you can even use a brown pencil to highlight the eyebrows, as black one looks a bit artificial.

7)  Lipstick

Women Lipstick

Women with dark skin complexion should go for matte finish lipsticks that suit them the best. Glossy lipsticks with a frosty finish or ones that are too glossy are a supreme no for brides with darker skin. Dusky skinned brides can rock the warm toned lipsticks. You can opt for lip colors like burgundy, browns, chocolates, berry shades, dark reds, maroons, plums, coffees, coral, hot pink, and beige. Accompany your lipstick with a lip liner to define your lips perfectly. Apply a little concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick to make your lips look absolutely stunning.

Tips to Remember Before your Wedding Day:

Wedding Day

1. Get your make up trials done before the “big day”.

2. Try and use oil free products as much as possible.

3. Get different concealers for different areas of your face.

4. Apply powder blush or cream blush, as they make your blush stay longer.

5. Insist on using a primer.

6. Apply a thin layer of eyeliner to highlight your eyes.

7. Avoid using eyeliner on the lower lid.

The world is duskier now, and people prefer dark women over fair women.

Via: womansworld

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