Easy Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick

Easy Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick

Tips for Wearing Red LipstickRed lipstick never goes out of style which makes it a universal classic. It always looks glamorous and beautiful but because of its bold nature, many people shy away from it.

Although wearing red lipstick is a trickier task if compared to lipsticks of lighter shade, but you can comfortably wear it even if you are going to a party or a casual hang out with friends. People who assume that they cannot wear red lipstick are wrong. Red lipstick is not that hard to carry but with some tips, it can make you look sexy.

Here Are Some Easy Tips to Wear Red Lipstick:

Pick the Right Shade

The best way to pull off a red lipstick is to pick the right shade according to your complexion. If you have a fair complexion, then go for a darker version of red lipstick and wear brighter yet subtle shade of red lipstick if you have pale dark complexion.

Keep Rest of your Makeup Simple

If you want to make your red lips prominent then keep the rest of your makeup light and simple. Do not overdo your eyes with dark eye shadows.

Line inside of your lips

If you don’t want your red lipstick to smudge on your face then make the outline of your lips with a lip liner first and then fill your lips with red lipstick.

Nail Color

If you wear are wearing red lipstick then make sure it looks prominent or otherwise it will look dull and boring. Do not wear red nail color if you are wearing red lipstick and if you still want to put on red nail color as well then make sure it match the shade of your red lipstick.


Always prefer experimenting with lipstick shades if you want to pick the right color that match your skin tone. Professional makeup artist always experiment with lipsticks. They always mix two or three lipsticks to produce the right shade.

Choose Lighter Shades if you are Older

If your age has crossed 40 then prefer either rosy shade of red or neutral color lipstick. Do not make your lips look severe, play up your eyes instead.

Lipstick on your Teeth

Whenever you apply red lipstick, make sure that it does not stick on your teeth otherwise; it will make your smile look unattractive. So, don’t forget to clean your lips after putting on red lipstick.

Intense Shades of Red

Natural colors of red give you more options and are also easy to carry. If you have deep blue eyes, black hair and pale white skin, then you can pull off intense shades of red very easily.

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