Nail Colors and Nail Care for Winter

Nail Colors and Nail Care for Winter


nail colors and nail care for winterThe nail colors for winters depend a lot on the winter colors so that your nail colors match with your wardrobe. Hence the same rule applies to winter nail colors. In winters warm colors are worn such as maroons, deep shades of red, and rusts. But it is also said that there is not a hard and fast rule for nail colors depending on seasons but still if you want to follow the trend then there are some shades that can be the nail colors for 2011.

Red has to be on top of the list for winter nail colors because it goes with all the warm colored clothes in your wardrobe and just looks great in winters and in outdoors. Different shades of red can be added to your nail color bucket. Make sure the shade of red is deep though. Black is also counted as a winter nail colors this year. It is for mystery and sophistication and goes well with any skin tone as well. If you have a thing for bling then here is your chance since winter is the season fir glitter, so put on some glittery nail color and you are good to go.

Orange is also very in especially reddish orange; it looks great in winters and is perfect for any occasion. Nude colors are also winter colors for 2011. In winters nail care is very important because of the brittleness and chipping of nails. The winter nail care tip is to put a base coat, two coat of nail color and a top coat. This way your nails will not chip off. Another winter nail care tip is to moisturize your cuticles with oil instead of a moisturizer. Try taking hot olive oil and soak your nails in it for ten minutes after removing nail color. Take care of your nails that are the way to go about nails otherwise the nail colors will not look good. The nails should be properly shaped and taken care of.

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