Top 5 Best Nail Polish Colors 2013

Nail Polish Colors 2013Are you crazy about nail paints? There are top five best nail polish colors 2013 to maximize your beauty.

Nails are important equally as hair, face, and other body parts. The beauty of hands can be maximized by giving nails a proper shape and by applying different colorful paints on them. To enhance the beauty of your nails, you should apply those nail paints that suits your skin tone. But you should also keep the trend of nail colors in mind to remain trendy and stylish. Spring is the season of colors and spring 2013 has bought different fashion, styles and trends to rock the season.

As far as nail polish is concerned, there are top five best nail polish colors of the year 2013. Nail polish can make a fashion statement in a very simple way. The nail polish colors of 2013 are natural and bold too that flatters every skin tone. These are the following.


Give your nails stunning looks by applying blue color on them. This is the casual and one of the best nail polish colors of 2013 that can be wear everyday. There is a variety of shades in teal so you can grab the one that flatters your skin tone. Teal is the hottest trend of summer 2013 so find the perfect shade of it and wear it with your spring/summer outfit. Before applying any nail polish, make sure that your nails are clean and tidy. Scratches or some sort of dust can spoil your nail beauty. So be careful of these things!

Barbie Doll Pink

Barbie lovers will glad to hear that Barbie pink color is one of the best nail polish color this year. The pink is color is chic and elegant if applied on nails and can make your nails look more beautiful. The soft color is best to wear in the summer season as it also has soothing affect on mind. Pink color can compliment any kind of outfit you are wearing. The Barbie pink color also shows girl power and looks beautiful at the same time. Before applying nail polish on nails, make sure that your hands are free of any kind of spots.

Poppy Red

Poppy red is another best nail color of 2013. This is a bold bright color that can be wear on some special occasions with the same color outfit, however, the color is also getting popular for casual wear as well. The brightness of the color reflects a sense of self confidence. You can apply this nail polish by giving your nails a proper round or square shape. No matter you have dark or light skin tone, poppy red looks equally chic on all type of skin tones, so don’t hesitate of applying the bright bold color on your nails.


It is the fact that Black is the favorite color of most of the people and it is also one of the best color in nail polish. This color can be worn at any occasion and black nail polish gives your nail a bold look. This year, the nail polish trend suggests glitters on black nail paint that look splendid and chic all the way. Black nail polish suits more on square shaped nails so try to give your nails the recommended shape to enhance the beauty of nail polish. Moreover, there are different nail art that can be apply on black nail polish so be funky by using different nail arts on your nails.

Metallic colors

Metallic color nail polishes are very much inn this year. Copper, silver and bronze color nail polishes are very popular among girls these days. These nail polish colors have shine in them that made them perfect for parties or weddings.

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