Skin Care tips for winter

Skin Care tips for winter


Winters are almost here and everybody is gearing up with the winter wardrobe and their coffee mugs. No doubt it’s a beautiful season and everybody loves to enjoy outdoor Barbeques. We often neglect our skin care. Skin care has to be an essential part of our daily routine if we want glowing skin. Winters are dry and they can cause a lot of damage to your skin. There are tips for skin care in winter. These tips need to be followed and you will find your skin extra glowing and soft.

The first step is to moisturize skin, the dry weather leaves the skin dry and if it is not kept moist then it starts flaking and cracking.There are many ways to keep your skin moist such as a good moisturizer that needs to be applied after every wash. There are many herbal ways to be it as well; herbal products are the best for your skin as they are chemical free. Aloe Vera is also considered herbal and it is readily available these days in the form of Aloe Vera Gels. This is a good moisturizer and it’s healthy for your skin also. Seek a specialist before you get a moisturizer as he will guide you better what is best for your skin. Another tip is to go for oil-based moisturizers than water-based ones, because the oil-based moisturizer will form a layer on your skin and will keep it moist for long.

Sunscreens are definitely not only for summers as winter glare can also be equally damaging to the skin. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun and reapply if needed. Also cover your hands and the parts exposed to the sun with sunscreen. Especially cover your hands because the layer of skin on hands is thinner than your face and it can easily get dry. Wear gloves to protect your hands from drying, cracking and itching. Try using lotions that have more of petroleum jelly and glycerin in them. Follow these winter skin care tips and see the difference.

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