Skin Cleansing Tips for Teens

Skin Cleansing Tips for Teens


Skin Cleansing Tips for TeensFor cleansing a teen does not need to spend much time since teen girls has many activities one of them is studies. For cleansing you just need to give 15 minutes at start of the day and 15 minutes at the night while going to bed. Here are some cleansing techniques which will make your skin more radiant and moisturized.

  1. Have some unboiled milk and with the help of cotton pads. Apply it on your face by gently rubbing it. Remember that the rubbing directions should be upward. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it with cold water. You will notice a fair color with soft glow on your face.
  2. Another cleansing tip for teens is the cucumber application. Yeah if you are from warm areas of the world then this cleansing tonic can cope up with your skin problems. Without peeling the cucumber just slice it and rub it on your face. Leave for 10 minutes and wash it away. Red pimples or any sun burns will be removed.
  3. If your skin has dead cells or dead skin that hides the glow of teen age beauty then here goes your solution. You just need to apply lime juice over your skin with cotton pads. Leave for 5 minutes and wash it away then apply some oat paste and once it dries remove it with scrubbing technique. Wash it away with water, cold water. It will not only remove dead cells but close the pores too which makes skin look tight and glowing.
  4. Use green gram powder or rice flour mixed with curds instead. This paste is good if you are skin is oily.

Beside all the home remedies for cleansing for teens you need to avoid something too. first of them is make up yeah, make up is not good until you are not adult. Make up can damage the teen skin. Avoid applying any sort of cosmetic or dermatology creams with out consultation of your doctor. These home made cleansing techniques can avoid many problems of teen skin like acne and pimples. Happy teen age glowing skin…

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