Bangles always in Fashion

Bangles always in Fashion

While following the new fashion trends we completely ignore the traditional trends that have been in fashion for centuries. Bangles are special tradition and it is found almost in every corner of the world. People in the west also wear bangles. But the specialty of bangles in India is that they are extremely colorful and are made of mirror. Bangles can never go out of fashion, they are one accessory that you can never have enough of and neither can you discard it saying it not in fashion anymore.

Bangles give life to your outfit in so many ways. If you wearing black clothes but you wear some really colorful bangles with it, it will give life to your outfit. Bangles can make you look dressed even if you are wearing something very casual. The best part about bangles is that they can be worn with simply anything. Bangles cannot be restricted to the traditional shalwar kazmir or sarees. Even if you wearing jeans and you are wearing a short kurta on top you can still carry the bangles really well. The mixture of east and west always looks good.

There are many types of bangles available in the market now and you can easily buy them. Steel bangles are another trend seen these days and they are very practical also as the mirror ones can break easily. The steel bangles are also neutral and can be worn with a lot of different outfits with different colors. Then there are bangles with steel based but they are covered with threads and different colored threads are also used in one bangle giving it a contrast.

Bangles are traditional and they depict the typical Indian woman. It is more of a culture than fashion but definitely something that will always remain in fashion and will always look incredible.

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