SmileBar Special Package for Couples This wedding Season

SmileBar Special Package for Couples This wedding Season

The most important day in the life of a Bride and Groom is of course their Wedding day. Months of planning and preparation have often gone into getting the perfect wedding attire, hair and make-up.But what about getting that Perfect Smile? This is often an area that is ignored when this is the most important time in the couples lives where they have to flash their Smile on numerous occasions be it for the Sangeet, Mehendi, Cocktails or any other occasion within the wedding time. All couples need to look exquisite on their big day with a picture perfect Smile.

Perfect White Smile PictureSo this wedding season be camera ready and flaunt a gorgeous bright smile and make your day more special. The recently launched SmileBar offers brides and grooms fabulous white smile in minutes. SmileBar is India’s first-of-its kind lounge style ‘Cosmetic Teeth Whitening’ facility that delivers ‘whiter teeth’ in just 15 minutes. It guarantees upto 8 shades whiter teeth in the most safe and hassle free way while you relax on a futuristic pod chair listening to some soothing music.SmileBar uses its patent products and services from the US. The water based gel used is FDA compliant and approved by the Ministry Of Health, India.

SmileBar Offers Brides SmileBar uses a special paint-on technique with teeth whitening gel along with light technology to provide impressive results which is 100% guaranteed and completely enamel safe! SmileBar is going to make our brides and grooms look fabulous for their wedding day. The Bridal package is priced at Rs. 16,995/- which includes 2 sessions of 15 minutes each (Advanced treatment) and one session of 15 minutes closer to actual date of wedding. The Couples’ Package is priced at Rs. 12, 995/- that includes one session of 15 minutes each (Standard treatment) for both. The SmileBar outlets are located at Bandra (West) and Andheri (West).

Image Consultant and Grooming Expert, SmileBar, Rukshana Eisa Provides Some Tips on Smile Grooming for the Couple:-

• Avoid excessive  intake of coloured Food and beverages like coffee & tea as it stains your teeth

• Red wine also causes discolouration of teeth, so  avoid red wine

• Certain fruits have the ability to whiten teeth naturally acting as excellent tooth whiteners, you can try  mashing up a strawberry and mixing it with a small amount of baking soda to create your own whitening toothpaste. The acids in the strawberry work to polish and whiten your teeth.

• Quitting cigarettes may be harder than it sounds but will do wonders for your teeth

• You may not want to try this with hot coffee, but sipping iced tea, cola, and fruit juices through a plastic straw will reduce your teeth’s exposure to these staining beverages

• Brush twice a day in a circular motion also ensure massaging your gums

• Visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up

• Use an even bristle toothbrush

• Gargle after every meal with mouthwash or regular water, do not forget to floss your teeth

• Last but not the least if you need instant results than opt for a painless 15 minute teeth whitening treatment at SmileBar for that picture perfect bright smile.

Apart From the Tips to Have Whiter Smile, Rukshana Shares Her Do’s & Don’ts While Posing for the Camera

• Avoid slouching or bending your head forward. Turn your head slightly and drop your chin so your face is not completely square with the camera.

• Another method is not to look at the camera straight on instead turn your face slightly to the side to create natural shadows and slim the shape of your face

• Tucking your tongue behind your teeth helps to relax your face while smiling

• During a outdoor photo-shoot keep your chip up

They say “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”. SmileBar ensures that your smile stays the source of your joy and confidence.

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