Fall/Winter Trends 2012

Fall/Winter Trends 2012


Fall Winter Trends 2012Winter Trends 2012 are more about retro trends. It is the time of the year when you take out warm clothes, update your wardrobe, get to wear boots and hats. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. One loves to go outdoor and this effects the color trends in winter as well. Some colors look exceptionally great outdoor such as warm and bright colors. In winters 2012 electric blue seems to be the color this year. This blue looks exceptionally good on medium and dark complexions and other colors such as emerald green and red. Some colors are just attached to winters and can never go out of fashion such as reds, browns, blacks. These are the conventional winter colors. But this year the trend has slightly changed, these days the boundary between summer and winter colors is not clearly visible because a lot of summer colors are also worn in winters these days and they look great.

Winter hair trends 2012 are very interesting and take you back in the 20’s. In winters it I easier to manage your hair and open them. In summers it is so hot that your hair is tied in a bun most of the time. Curls look exceptionally great in winters and they stay for longer.

Coats and boots are also part of the winter trends 2012. Over the past few years the boot trends have transformed a lot. This year knee high boots, long boots and ankle boots all of them are in. You can wear them according to the weather in your area and also your comfort which is very important. Coats this year are long as well as short. Velvet coats are in fashion and also a lot of fur is in winter trends 2012 as well.

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