Quantico Priyanka Chopra Shows Off Fabulous Physique for PhotoShoot

Quantico Priyanka Chopra Shows Off Fabulous Physique for PhotoShoot

Jennifer Lawrence may have spoken out about the gender pay gap in Hollywood. But Priyanka Chopra, the new star of ABC’s hit drama Quantico, has revealed she addressed the issue of being paid badly for being a woman way before the Hunger Games actress – when she was making films in Bollywood. Despite her role as tough talking FBI agent Alex Parrish making her one to watch in the US, she has a long and established career behind her in her native India.

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra

The 33-year-old revealed to New You when she complained of her low pay during one project while working, she was told women with the beauty she had were disposable as their were so many clamouring to be actresses.  Discussing how she feels females want to be treated now she said: ‘Women don’t want to be treated as inferior anymore.

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We want our rights and the ability to stand on our own two feet. We want to be treated with the respect we deserve.’ It was in October Jennifer spoke out herself about the challenges female actresses face when it comes to getting paid for their work. 

Priyanka Chopra

She wrote an essay on the topic saying she ‘failed as a negotiator’ to secure what she felt she deserved. Priyanka, has a long career behind her before she arrived in her current role in Quantico – despite only now being recognised as a star. A former Miss World at 17, Priyanka has starred in nearly 50 Hindi movies and has hosted several Indian TV shows. She has had columns for Elle, The New York Times and The Times of India, as well as recording four songs. Priyanka, who also posed for a photo shoot for the magazine, also said that she had to strive just as hard in reality to get where she is today as her character Alex Parrish in the ABC show.

Priyanka Chopra

The stunning brunette, was born in India but studied in Boston, in the US, and in Queens, and Newton, in Massachusetts, in her early teens. She revealed her bullying experience while attending high school, and being branded ‘brownie’ by school colleagues for the colour of her skin, made her feel ‘subjugated.’ The beauty was told to take her ‘curry’ and go back home.  

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But the comments also made Priyanka realise she never wanted to fear she wasn’t good enough ever again: ‘I never wanted to feel subjugated’, she told the publication. ‘I never wanted to fear that I was not good enough. I think I drove myself to be the best that I can be. If you find that drive, just run.’ Priyanka is also an advocate for encouraging women’s voices to be heard: ‘Women don’t want to be treated as inferior anymore. 

Priyanka Chopra photo shoot

‘We want our rights and the ability to stand on our own two feet. We want to be treated with the respect we deserve. ‘She credits her parents for giving her this attitude, saying they never differentiated between her and her brother: ‘We were raised equally. We were taught to have opinions, make decisions, and have the courage of conviction.  ‘I believe girls all over the world [have been] raised to believe that we need to be protected, or need someone else to feel validated and strong. Now we are in a time where we are enough.’

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