Children Day Celebrations in India

Children Day Celebrations in India

Children Day Celebrations in IndiaBal Diwas or children’s day in India is celebrated on 14 November every year, it is date of birth of pandit Nehru. Nehruji was very kind towards children. It is a day of significance in India to celebrate Nehru’s love for children and childhood.

Brief About Nehruji

Nehruji was born in a house of famous lawyer Motilal Nehru, who was named as Jawaharlal. Nehruji in his childhood was very genius and bright, since his early childhood he was very kindhearted and generous. His father sent him England for higher education. When the young Jawaharlal returned to his homeland, he realized that he should take part in the welfare of poor and infrastructure of India. He joined Mahatma Gandhi in political infrastructure and struggled hard for independence. When India gained her independence he became the first Prime Minister of India.

Why Children Day is Celebrated on Chacha Nehruji’s Birthday?

Nehruji was found of children and the word Chacha referred to him because of his great love for children. He had a great love for children and roses, he often compared both of them in their beauty, innocence, fragrance and purity. He believed they should be nurtured with love and care. Children are the future of nations and the active citizens of tomorrow. He often said children are the real strength of nations. Because of his affection towards children he became the popular and loveable figure amongst children in India. This is the very reason of celebrating children day on 14 November, Nehruji’s birth date.

Event of Feast and Celebrations

Children pay tribute to their beloved Chacha in various ways. The day is celebrated on national level in private and government schools. They celebrate the day with great joy and frolic.

Cultural Programs

Schools arrange cultural programs for the students. These programs represent the true culture of India her values and soul. These cultural programs mostly consist on dance performances and drama skits. In colorful costumes and through powerful performances children show their talent and depicts the Chacha Nehru’s thoughts that children are the real strength of the nations.

Quiz Competitions

Schools arrange quiz competitions for the students; in competitions most preferably the quiz consists on Chacha ji’s life and his vision about India. In India private sectors like advertising companies arrange such quiz competitions and celebrations in different shopping malls and hotels.


In schools students set different stalls of eatables, cards, Chacha ji friendship bands and lot more. Children buy these things with great happiness and joy. Some stales set for the fundraising of needy children of India; the NGO’s arrange fundraising celebrations in schools and other private and public spheres.

Teachers Contributions

It’s a day of children, so the teachers in the schools personally take part in the celebrations of the children day. Teachers sing songs for the students and also arrange some dance and drama performances for the children of their schools.

Children’s of all social settings

Children day is not just the day of the children who belong to the educational sphere; it’s a day of entire India’s children. Children who live in shelter homes also take part in celebrations; the well known figures of the media industry and politicians visit them and give them presents.

All the celebrations set aside; it’s a day to remember Pandit Nehru and his love for children.

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