New Year Celebrations in India

New Year Celebrations in India


New Year Celebrations in IndiaNew Year is the time when there is a celebration going on in almost all parts of the world. Many places are famous for their New Year celebrations like New York is famous for its ceremony at the Time Square. Places like Sydney, Auckland and Beijing offer colorful New Year celebrations with firecrackers, music, dance, fireworks and what not! New Year celebrations are celebrated with much zeal and fervor in the Asian countries too. In India, New Year is a time when not only foreigners but people from many different nationalities enjoy the New Year celebrations to the fullest. Some people prefer to celebrate New Year with their family however, some like to go out and enjoy the New Year celebrations with their friends. Both ways, New Year celebrations in India are huge and loved by everyone.

The most famous part of the New Year celebrations in India are the live concerts organized in big cities. Many big stars from Bollywood perform live and people love it a lot. These concerts are arranged on a large scale and are an integral part of the New Year celebrations in India. Just before the New Year, many shops offer New Year special discount offers and people purchase New Year greeting cards quite much. Cities like Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai have something very grand to offer every time for the New Year celebrations. The five start hotels in Goa are famous for their New Year celebrations.

These New Year celebrations include late night parties with exotic Indian cuisine and a lot of music and dance.

There is also a trend of hosting New Year parties at home. These parties are often hosted by the big names of the city and it is truly an amazing experience to attend a New Year party. People make New Year resolutions every year just like in any other part of the world and these New Year parties always have to offer something new in the most colorful, Indian way. The night clubs, cafes and restaurants are usually packed with crowds during the New Year celebrations and people can be seen dressed in the most gorgeous outfits perfect for the New Year celebrations. The roads and malls are decorated very beautifully with colorful lights and it will not come as a surprise to see a countdown going on in some part of the mall or any other place during the New Year celebrations.

People drink, eat, dance and enjoy the New Year celebrations in India to the fullest and there is no doubt in saying that India offers one of the best New Year celebrations all across the globe. Many foreigners come to India to spend Christmas and enjoy New Year celebrations in the most amazing way. When the clock strikes at 12, a roar of fireworks is often heard in India and the sky becomes full off beautiful colors and lights. In short, the New Year celebrations in India are definitely something that should not be missed!

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