DIY project: Create wall Panels

DIY project: Create wall Panels


wall PanelsThis project involves mitering corners of wooden mouldings but you can simply buy three moulded picture frames, take out the glass and put them up on your walls in the same way for a similar effect…

  • Decide how big you want your wall panels to be, what wooden mouldings you will use and which wall you are going to put them on.
  • Find the centre of that wall and mark a vertical centre line using a spirit level.
  • Working outwards from the centre line, mark where each wall panel will be using spirit level.
  • Take your wooden mouldings and use a mitre block to saw the mitred corners of the panels.
  • Using a grab adhesive stick each wooden moulding to the wall using the marked lines as a guide, whilst at the same time gluing the mitred corners together with PVA glue.
  • Protect the area around the outside of the panels from paint using Frog Tape which doesn’t damage the paintwork when peeled off.
  • Give the wooden mouldings a light sanding and apply a primer. Allow to dry before painting in your desired colour. You may want to apply two coats.
  • Cut three pieces of your desired wallpaper, making sure they are slightly bigger than the inside of the wall panels.
  • Once the paint is dry, apply wallpaper adhesive to the wallpaper and stick the top of it within the panel; roll it down within the panel and use a wallpaper brush to smooth it out as you go.
  • Push the wallpaper tight into the inside corners of the panel using a scraper or the back of some scissors then trim off the excess paper using a sharp craft knife.

Wall panel frames shown are painted in Valspar’s Sarah’s Violet Cupcake, 1L: £16.98, exclusively available in the UK at B&Q.

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