10 Best Beauty Tips for Women from Real Guys

10 Best Beauty Tips for Women from Real Guys

The last person you thought you could score some beauty advice from was a guy, right? Wrong! Turns out men have a beauty regimen too and believe it or not, they might even have a few good grooming tips and healthy skin care tricks that us gals could learn from. We chatted with everyone from regular dudes to industry experts to get the inside scoop on men’s best beauty and grooming tips for women—read on to hear their sexy skin secrets, hair care musts and more.

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1. Use Sugar as an Exfoliant

“Once a week or so, take a small bowl of sugar in while you shower,” suggests Scott P., a graphic designer. “Put a bit of soap on your face and then scrub the sugar in until it dissolves. At first it will feel quite abrasive, but after a minute or so, it should feel great,” says Scott. “There’s no specific type of sugar to use, just grab a few packets from the coffee shop. Same effect as the fancy exfoliating soaps, but at virtually no cost.” [Editor’s note: this might be a bit harsh for a woman’s face, but it’s a great idea for the body.] 

Sugar as an Exfoliant

2. Switch Out Your Moisturizer

“As dry climate approaches, switch out your lightweight moisturizer for something more balm intense with hydrating ingredients,” recommends Enrique Ramirez, esthetician and owner of face to face nyc day spa. “Baume Excellence by Decleor Paris is great and will keep your skin looking nice and dewy all winter long.”

3. Go Raw Vegan

The best thing cash-flow business coach Adam D. ever did for his skin was adopt a raw vegan diet. “I lost over 20 pounds and felt amazing,” says Adam. “My skin was perfectly clear, I could tell my pores were completely open, and I could even feel my skin breathing better. Dozens of people told me, ‘you’re glowing!’”

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4. Show Your Feet Some Love 

According to Dove Men + Care partner dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, “Feet are the most ignored body part in the shower.” Since this can lead to Athlete’s Foot or staph (eww!), prevention is key. Dr. Benabio suggests rubbing hand sanitizer on your feet for at least sixty seconds (or until all the alcohol has fully evaporated) to kill off infections. This is especially important before hitting a shower at your gym—ick, think how many sweaty feet have been in there before you!

Sugar as an Exfoliant

5. Banish Blemishes with a Deep Cleansing Mask

Senior Technical Recruiter Adam W. was using his girlfriend’s mask to clear up skin before stumbling upon a men’s mask of his own. “I saw Menaji Skincare’s Deep Cleansing Masque in a magazine and decided it was time to get my own product instead of stealing hers all the time. Now my girlfriend is stealing mine!!  She uses it as a nightly spot treatment — or as needed — and it immediately dries out and clears up her blemishes without being too harsh.”

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6. Use Ice (in Your Mouth!) to Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles

Did you know you can help eradicate puffiness and dark under-eye circles by placing a cube of ice on the roof of your mouth with your tongue? Well, according to celebrity esthetician and author of Skintervention, Scott-Vincent Borba, you can! “Allow the ice to melt and the cold will penetrate and help de-puff and lighten dark circles underneath the eyes. You can also freeze BORBA water or pure Acai juice instead of plain water to provide a skin care antioxidant kick!”

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7. Control Hair With a Leave-In Conditioner

“I have medium length wavy hair and use a leave-in conditioner after washing my hair,” says marketing manager Jack A. “As it’s drying, I put a little more on my hands and work it through my hair. It provides invisible control, feels clean and is not sticky or heavy.”

8. Prevent Ingrown Hairs with Men’s Shaving Cream

A surprising fact for women who are prone to painful ingrown hairs is that using a men’s shaving cream may just be the solution to their problem,” says dermatologist Dr. David Bank. “Recently, there has been an increase in men’s
 shaving creams containing antiseptics, soothing agents, and moisturizers,
 which are used to prevent infection of cuts and ward off ingrown hairs.”

man's skin care

9. Samples

Los Angeles based professional organizer John Trosko was overwhelmed with all the skin care samples he’d recently accumulated, so he decided to save a little time in the morning and organize! “Using a small business card box, I ripped apart each individual sample, stacked like samples in front of one another and added a category tab,” says John. “Now I can test out different products without spoilage or fear, and my skin is looking better and better.”

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10. Fight Acne with Hot Peppers

Business consultant Daniel C. used to use jalapeno juice mixed with water to stop pimples, but now swears by Therma Skin Capsaicin Face Cleanser for acne and rosacea. “I’ve found that the extract from hot peppers, Capsaicin, is awesome for killing and preventing acne breakouts,” says Daniel. Hmm, who knew? 

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