8 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

8 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Our hectic lifestyle and workloads do not let us live in a healthy way. The craving for junk food and stress filled environment gives us an unhealthy body. The area around the waist and thighs is usually flabby. The risk of diseases and ill health increases with the fat around these areas. A fitness routine and a good diet will help to reduce these risks. Since some people prefer not to sweat too much while exercising, yoga is the best option.

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By adopting the methods of yoga one can reduce weight, control the body and soul. Along with these benefits, one can also experience mental peace. Losing weight and staying in shape will also build self esteem and reduce the stress levels.

Best Yoga Poses for Weight loss

Best Yoga Poses for Weight loss:

You might have tried many different things to get into shape like massage gels, creams and pills. These many seem affective at first but, will have a long term affect on the body. Only exercises will build up the body strength and tone down the muscles. So here are a few beginner yoga poses which will help you get toned legs and a flat tummy.

Yoga Warrior Pose:

Yoga Warrior Pose

For this yoga pose you need to stand straight with your legs far apart. Now bring your hands up above your head and stretch them. Clasp both hands together in a Namaste and turn your torso to the right side. You right knee should bend slightly while trying to stretch your abdominal muscles as much as you can. After turning it to the right, follow the same procedure to the left. This posture will tighten your muscles and also tone your legs giving you very good body strength.

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Yoga Warrior Pose II:

Yoga Warrior Pose II

This yoga pose is just the same as the above. It has the same effect on the tummy and legs. Yet it is done in a different way. The hands do not make a Namaste, they are stretch out to both the sides, While bending the leg. By doing this the abdominal muscles are stretched. So try this pose which will be very affective for fat elimination.

Yoga Chair Pose:

Yoga Chair Pose

This asana is a chair pose in the air and it requires a lot of stamina. You may feel pain in your legs in the first couple of days, when you practice it. However doing this regularly will help you gain flexibility and the pain will vanish. You need to have your feet together. Inhale while you raise your hands above your head. Stretch them up and bend your knees a little, inhale while bending your knees. Now you need to remain in this position for at least 60 seconds. It maybe a little difficult in the beginning to remain in this position, so try to hold it as much as you can and stand up when you feel too much pressure. You can begin by doing this 10 times every day and increase the number every 3 days. It will tone down your thighs and melt the fats from your tummy.

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Boat Pose:

Yoga Boat Pose

Sit down on a mat, and stretch out your legs. Your knees should be pulled up, thighs should be tight and your toes should be pointed out. Now try to raise your feet of the ground and bring your legs to a 45 degree angle. Inhale while you raise your feet and avoid bending your knees. The spine should be straight and your body should make a V shape. Raise your arms to the shoulder level. This pose will increase your stamina and also cut down tummy fat. It will increase your lower and upper body strength.

Yoga Bridge Pose:

Yoga Bridge Pose

Lie down on your back, bend your knees. Your feet should remain on the ground. Put your hands on the ground, the palms should be straight. Now lift your hips from the ground and balance yourself on your hands and feet. This pose will increase your muscle strength. If you like to add a variation to this pose. Try to lift up one leg in the air for 20 seconds. You should repeat the same with the other leg.

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Yoga Cobbler’s pose:

Yoga Cobbler’s pose

The cobbler’s pose is one of the easiest and helpful poses of yoga. You need to sit down with your spine straight. Your knees should be bent and the soles of your feet should be facing each other. You should press the soles together and hold this pose for at least a minute.

Yoga Locust Pose:

Yoga Locust Pose

You need to lie face down with your palms facing the ground.  While inhaling you should lift up your legs without bending your knees. Your upper torso and hands should also be lifted up giving you a stretch of the abdominal muscles. You need to balance yourself on the tummy. This posture will reduce the fats near the hips and stretch your leg muscles.

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Yoga Camel Pose:

Yoga Camel Pose

Sit on your feet with your knees and calves close together. You need to use some soft cloth under you to prevent pain.  Now come onto your knees and place your hands on your hips. Stretching out the torso, look above. Hold your heels slowly, one hand after the other. Bend backward and stretch out the chest and tummy.  You can feel the weight in your arms. This position is useful to melt the fat in almost all the areas of the body. -thefitindian

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