Yoga Poses That Boost Metabolism

Yoga Poses That Boost Metabolism

Slim Down

Slim Down

Try this 10-minute series from Yoga expert Kristin McGee and you’ll help your Metabolism by strengthening your core Flow through it (once on each side) three to five days a week.

Dog Split

Dog split

Begin on hands and knees. Exhale; lift knees, push hips up, straighten arms and legs Inhale; lift right leg as high as possible.

Knee to Nose

Knee to noseInhale; round back, scoop in abs, and pull right knee to nose Exhale; kick leg up to Dog Split.

Knee to Right Shoulder

Knee to right shoulderInhale; round back and bend right knee, opening it out to the side. Bring right knee to right shoulder.

Knee to Left Shoulder

Knee to Left ShoulderInhale; bring right knee in and across body toward left shoulder.

One-Legged plank

One Legged PlankInhale; lower hips, move torso forward so shoulders are over hands; keep right leg up; hold Exhale and lower leg. Raise hips; return to start Repeat entire series on left.

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