Afsar Bitiya

Afsar Bitiya


Afsar BitiyaThis drama has highlighted an issue which does exist in the society and it is female education. Many girls go through the same problem which is that many families do not let their daughters study or even if they do her in laws might not let her work later on.

The story revolves around a girl Krishna who comes from a lower middle class family where no one had ever got a better job than a clerk, this girl rises against all odds and happens to become a B.D.O. (Block Development Officer) through her sheer hard work. Her life and her family’s life change forever after she becomes an ‘Afsar Bitiya‘. Krishna’s unexpected achievement brings in a lot of happiness for her family, but is her happiness meant to stay forever? Her sudden accomplishment attracts not only fame but many difficulties. Will Krishna’s values remain intact after she becomes ‘Afsar Bitiya‘? Will her position in the society allow her to become a doting and caring wife? Will the nature of her job allow her to remain an obedient daughter and a devoted daughter-in-law?

If you want to find out what happens next you should tune in to Zee TV to follow Afsar Bitiya.

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