Bigg Boss 9: Busted! 10 MYTHS about Salman Khan’s show

Bigg Boss 9: Busted! 10 MYTHS about Salman Khan’s show

There are a lot of speculations about what we see inside the house, is scripted or not. Here’s the real picture…

Bigg Boss has caught the public’s imagination ever since it got aired eight years ago. The idea of having celebrities living 24×7 under the camera ignited the audiences’ voyeuristic feelings like never before. Physical intimacy, massages, relationships, arguments, brawls and eviction from the house – we have seen it all. Consequently, there are are doubts in people’s minds about what is the real thing. Since Salman Khan‘s Bigg Boss 9 has just gone air, we bring forth the true picture…

Bigg Boss 9
Bigg Boss 9 Busted! 10 MYTHS about Salman Khan’s show

Myth No. 1: Everyone knows who is in the house

Fact: This is totally untrue. The surprised reactions you see when contestants meet one another are genuine. One of the clauses of the contract is contestants are not allowed to say that they are going inside the house. When Bollywoodlife had asked Mandana Karimi if she’s entering the house for Bigg Boss 9, she had flatly denied it. However, she is inside. So, the myth that everyone is in the loop is hogwash.

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Myth No. 2: Bigg Boss is scripted

Fact: The only brief given to contestants is that they have to be their normal self. Bigg Boss does not tell them that you have to flirt, act like a b@#*&h, fight or throw tantrums. Whatever happens is at the spur of the moment or a strategy adopted by a contestant after entering the house.

Myth No.3: Moolah matters

Fact: The Bigg Boss winner does not take home the entire prize money. Moreover, the amount is paid in installment. After deducting taxes, the figure is lower.

Myth No.4: Seniority means more money

Fact: The production house decides the money on one and only factor – popularity. This means that someone like Ankit Gera, who is a well-known face on TV stands the chance of earning more than say, a Rimi Sen, who has a Yashraj film in her kitty.

Myth No.5: Contestants are served canteen food

Fact: One of the things that Bigg Boss is the strictest with, is food. It is a myth that contestants’ cravings are satiated every now and then. The food is rationed out and contestants have to work hard for the food. Sweets, chocolates and ice creams are only served on special occasions like festivals and birthdays. There is no canteen to dish out food every now and then. They have to relish or endure each other’s cooking.

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Myth No.6: Outside connect

Fact: Many speculate that contestants change their behaviour depending on the kind of feedback they get from outside. This is not true. They are not connected with the outside world or their loved ones. This is why they break down on their birthdays or their children’s birthdays. Wild card entrants are told not to discuss outside buzz with the contestants. The only way to gauge public perception is when Salman Khan connects them to a fan over weekends.

Myth No.7: Occasional ‘highs’

Fact: While cigarettes are allowed inside, there is a blanket ban on alcohol. Only soft drinks are served in parties. In fact, Kushal Tandon had said how the lack of alcohol inside the house was affecting him. Likewise, Armaan Kohli who enjoys his daily pegs was seen somewhat disoriented.

Myth No.8: Salman plays favourites

Fact: If this was true then Elli Avram would never have been eliminated out of the house. The superstar is close to Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli as well but they did not win the show. Salman Khan does not interfere in nominations or eliminations. He is also involved in the hosting aspect and his lines.

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Myth No.9: People sneak in catnaps

Fact: Bigg Boss makes life tough for contestants by rationing sleeping hours and food. They can sleep only when the lights go off. Trust us; there would not have been half the drama inside the house if contestants were allowed siestas or naps.

Myth No.10: It’s uncensored

Fact: This is untrue. Like Big Brother or the Brazilian version of Bigg Boss, there is a lot of censorship here. The producers have to adhere to the TRAI guidelines and frontal nudity, abuses and excessive intimacy is trimmed out. Doesn’t that leave scope for imagination?

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