Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

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The story of the drama is plotted around the lead character Geet. She belongs to a very traditional family where they pay great amount of deal to honor, respect and dignity. Geet is very young she’s only 18. Since she belongs to a traditional family, they chose the right partner for her. They thought that they found the perfect match for Geet since Dev is a successful NRI and comes from a rich family. What Geet’s family failed to understand was that a background check is always a must. Geet marries Dev and finds out that Dev was already married and he then abandons Geet soon after they wed.

It was a storm for Geet because she was too young and all of this was too unexpected. Geet decides to go to Delhi to protect her unborn child. As a single girl she faces a lot of hurdles that a city gives. But there she meets the right man who is Maan, and in him Geet finds a true partner who supports her. Geet also works in Maan’s office whereas, infact, Maan is Dev’s brother but with Maan, Geet finds a new life and also the grandmother of the Khurana household proves a mentor for both of them.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” is a good drama that you can also relate to in many ways. The story is very common from our society and that makes it a great drama. The challenges Geet faces, most of the women face them.

The drama comes on Star One. To find out what happens further in Geet’s life keep watching.