Was Veena Malik got Pregnant From Ex Prashant Singh Child?

Was Veena Malik got Pregnant From Ex Prashant Singh Child?


Veena Malik Pregnant with Prashant SinghVeena Malik’s husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak is bound to have sleepless nights. After all, his colourful wife’s colourful past just doesn’t stop meddling in their brand new marriage. A few days back we had told you how a certain Prashant Singh had filed a complaint against Veena Malik’s alleging that she had threatened his mother and him over the phone. According to the dirty rumours, Veena threatened Prashant that if he shared any details about their live-in relationship with the media, she would file charges of molestation and rape against him. As if this was not enough, the Pakistani actor then went on to claim that Prashant was just a staff member who loved clicking photographs with her and that he was in fact, gay!

Now to add tadka to this already spicy dal, Prashant Singh allegedly has retorted back by saying that she was pregnant with his child and thus, she wants to conceal that fact by calling him gay. Don’t believe us? Well, you will have to. Prashant has cleared the air about the bold actor by saying that she was pregnant with his child in 2012, but they both were not ready for the kid and thus, decided to abort the child.

Prashant went on to further to say, that Veena had kept the Karwa Chauth vrat for him. He also informed that she cheated on him thrice and every time he forgave her As if this wasn’t enough, Prashant has made tall claims that he could tell intimate information about the actor, which her husband Asad could confirm. Tch…Tch.. Dirty showbizz we tell you! We wonder what is going to become of Veena and Asad’s marriage. At this rate, we can only wish that all this mud slinging business doesn’t affect Veena and Asad’s marriage. Haina, BollywoodLifers?

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