Birthday Special: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jacqueline Fernandez

Birthday Special: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jacqueline Fernandez

1. On Finding ‘The One’

“I’m single. And for me, finding someone doesn’t mean that he has to have certain qualities or tick boxes on a checklist.

[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] When you have those kind of rules for yourself, it never turns out the way you wanted it. Love is such an unpredictable thing; it’s not so much about expectations as it is about a chemistry that two people share. And if that chemistry is lacking, I don’t think you can be with that person.”

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“For me, poor hygiene is a total deal-breaker. You need to smell good and have good table manners, that’s really important. Even though these are really small things, I can’t ignore them. When I finally meet that person, I’m sure he’ll probably be doing all of this stuff, ha ha! But on a serious note, respect towards elders, towards people in general. Those are things that matter to me. Not talking down to anyone, not being disrespectful to someone, says a lot about a man. It’s also important that the person I’m with loves to travel, because I do. Otherwise, our relationship wouldn’t work.” “You know he’s ‘The One’ because of the chemistry. And that’s either there when you first meet or it’s not. For me, if I don’t feel it instantly, I’ll probably never feel it. It sounds typical, but I believe in love at first sight.”

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2 On Flirting and Making the First Move

“Even though I wouldn’t mind asking a guy out first, I think I’d be terrible at it. I’m a really bad flirt! I don’t even know when people are flirting with me and I don’t know how to flirt back. But if I had to make the first move, I would probably check if he has a girlfriend first, because if he’s committed, I would just back off. And if he’s not, I’d probably invite him out for dinner with a couple of my friends; just ease into the situation, you know? I wouldn’t be so direct as to suggest a date.

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Having people around will save us the awkwardness and make the whole thing more casual.” “The most important thing, even when it comes to flirting, is to always maintain your dignity. Guys love a girl who respects herself. So even when you’re flirting or talking to a guy, always maintain that. Nothing is hotter than a woman who is confident and sure of herself.”

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3 On the Perfect Guy…and the Perfect Date

“I love a guy who goes out of his way to be creative. From buying me dinner to cooking a meal, or surprising me with flowers or a gift-anything that actually means something or brings back a memory. Making an effort shows that he really cares.” “It’s nice when presents have some meaning. It’s not just like, ‘Hey, I bought you these earrings ’cause it’s Valentine’s and I want to get this gift out of the way’.

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Guys shouldn’t worry about the gift being over-the-top, it just needs to be thoughtful.” “I love cooking and I’d stick to something that I can whip up in half an hour, and still have time to get ready and look good. So keema pulao (because I make it really well) and some really nice salads, a cheese platter, along with a bottle of wine.”

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4 On the Best Outfit for Date Night

“I would wear something that’s comfortable, pretty, and girlie at the same time. Perhaps a comfortable, silky blouse with a long, bohemian skirt.” “If we’re going out and the outfit requires that I wear heels, then I’d put them on, but if we’re doing something at home, I’d be in my bedroom slippers.” “As far as make-up goes, I’d do a nice, pretty lip.

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I’d wear my hair down, blow-dried in romantic waves. I’d use a sweet-smelling shampoo, too, and a feminine scent-I love The Body Shop Vanilla EDT because it makes you smell yummy. I would apply that to my pulse points, and then spritz Issey Miyake all over. The two go really well together!” “One last tip: always keep some chewing gum and a mirror handy in your purse. That’s what I’d carry.”

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5 On Healing a Broken Heart

“I had my heart broken when I was young and I dealt with it pretty badly. But then, you know, life goes on and people move on–and that’s the lesson you learn. At the end of the day, I know I’ll get over it and I give myself time to get it out of my system. Like everyone else, I mourn for a bit.” “Your friends really help when you’re going through a breakup. I would stay with a girlfriend for some time, because it helps divert your mind.

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I also recommend rituals like deleting his photographs, deleting him from all social media platforms, and also deleting his number!” “Someone once told me that you should not feel sorry for yourself after a breakup. Instead, feel sorry for the girl who is going to be dating that guy after you.” “The best way to mend a broken heart is to start working out and looking amazing. When you look good, it instantly makes you feel better about yourself. Focus more on you, because that’s the best way to heal.”

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