Sidharth Malhotra: Shraddha is Cracked and Goofy, Almost Like a Boy!

Sidharth Malhotra: Shraddha is Cracked and Goofy, Almost Like a Boy!


Sidharth Malhotra might have had a cold impression of Shraddha Kapoor at first but the ice was broken soon and all was hunky-dory for the Ek Villain jodi.  Looking back Sidharth says, “”Shradhha and I had oddly met before the shooting of the film very briefly in Goa and it was a very small cold ‘Hi-Hello’ so we both had a very cold impression of each other.sidharth malhotra and shraddha kapoorBut when we met, I think she is far more cracked and goofy and how she is in this film that her previous film. I think people keep saying “Aarohi Aarohi! but I think she is goofy and a little off like this!” Sidharth seemed awestruck by Shraddha Kapoor outdoorsy nature and further added, “She is the most adventurous girl I have ever seen. We had to tell her that  Bike seekhni hai tereko and she was like “Yes okay which one?” We started with the smaller bike and then we she started with the Bullet, she couldn’t even put her feet down! But she was still very sporting.”Sidharth Malhotra WallpaperThe duo were supposed to pull off some death-defying stunts but Shraddha’s determination to do the same was always undeterred. Confirmed Sidharth saying, “We had to go for underwater diving, she is already a certified diver! I remember I had to jump off a four-storey building and she was in it too. She insisted that she does it on her own and doesn’t use a stunt-double for the scene. Even with the harness and all, I think very few girls would do that.”sidharth malhotra photoSidharth reiterated that even though Shraddha looks demure but her looks can be deceiving. He added, “She is almost like a boy when she is out there! And don’t go on her height and physique, she looks petite and small but her guts are all there! Even mountain-climbing in Mauritius, she was the first one if you challenge her ki chalna hai upar?” and she said “Yes!” So, she is an outdoor person and it was fun because I am also an outdoor person. So we bonded on that stuff.” Looks like Sidharth and Shraddha have gotten really close through Ek Villain. Will the bonding show on screen as well, find out on June 27.

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