Tiger Shroff: If My Name Serving to Entertain Anyone I am Happy About It

Tiger Shroff: If My Name Serving to Entertain Anyone I am Happy About It

Jackie Shroff SonJackie Shroff’s Son who Makes His Bollywood Debut with Heropanti is Ready to Roar at the Box Office this Friday.

While many newcomers are making their Bollywood debut this month, Jaggu dada’s beta Tiger Shroff, has been the most talked about by far. Even because of the twitter jokes, the actor has been able to grab people’s attention. Moreover the film’s music has been appreciated and Tiger’s stunt skills have also been a talk of the town. Before his film releases this Friday, this young lad gets candid and opens up on the jokes cracked on him, talks about his favorite actors, of his comparison to father Jacky Shroff and of course of his beautiful co-star Kriti Sanon. Read on further to know the real Tiger.

I Have Heard You’ve Always Been Interested in Sports. Then What Made you Choose Acting as a Career?

Right since I was a child, sports had fascinated me. However, after graduation I was lost and didn’t know what to do in life. There were a lot of film offers as well, but I was waiting for something where I could get a chance to show my action skills as well as my dancing skills. So it was then when I was offered Heropanti and I immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Heropanti is Compared with Your Father Jackie Shroff’s Film Hero. Does That add on to Extra Pressure of Being a Star Son?

For me that pressure is my strength and motivation. It’s the source from where I get my fire from. This comparison inspires me to work even harder and prove myself to the world. Also, it’s rather important because I want to show people how different I and my father are as human beings and as actors.

Do you Consult Your Father Before Taking Career Decisions?

No, my parents are not involved in my career at all. So far it’s always been Sabbir Sir (Heropanti director) and Sajid Sir (Heropanti producer) whom I have consulted. After all I am the one who is doing the film, so I take the call.

Recently You’ve Gone Shirtless on a Number of Occasions. Are you Planning to go the Salman Khan Way?

No, I am not trying to be the next Salman Khan, though it’s a big compliment to be compared with the legend himself. Also I don’t want to be known just for my body and would like to be appreciated for my acting skills since I am here to be an actor. I consider my physique to be a plus point. If fans ask me to show my body I can’t say no to them. I have invested a lot of hard work to build this body, so I believe there is no harm in showing the hard work.

Tiger Shroff Black GlassesYou Come Across as a Very Shy Person. How do You React now When People Have Suddenly Begun to Notice You, Compliment You or Just Walk up to you with Adulation?

I am really overwhelmed. You know when I go out to watch a movie or just hang around with friends, people walk up to me especially kids with requests to click a picture or just asking for an autograph. For me that’s the best feeling in the world when a child comes up and compliments you. Mostly because kids are the most honest judges you can ever have. They tell you things just the way it is. So yes, I love it.

The Action Sequences That we’ve Seen in the Promos Look Really Good. Do you Plan to give Akshay Kumar and Vidyut Jamwal a Run for Their Money?

(Laughs) Not at all, I respect both of them so much because I know how much hard work it takes to reach that level. Moreover their style of action is much different than mine. I think it’s unfair to compare. Everybody is different, everybody’s body moves differently. Yea but I genuinely respect both of them.

Whom Do You Look up to When it Comes to Action Films?

Abroad I think it has to be Bruce Lee and in India it’s Hrithik Roshan.

Your Song Whistle Baja Has Been Well Received. If You Had to Choose Between Whistle Tune or Your Father’s Flute – Which one Would you Choose?

Will it be wrong if I say my song? I genuinely like Whistle baja more because I love to dance and I can dance on my song but I can’t dance on my father’s Hero flute. So I would pick Whistle baja.

How Was the Experience of Filming Whistle Baja? Shots from Your Father’s Film are also a Part of That Video.

You know in the first shot where I was playing the flute, I was really nervous. Obviously because that flute has so much of meaning to it and also it’s my father’s signature tune. So I remember initially I struggled with it, even my hands were shaking. However, once the music started I got in the groove and hence it became much easier.Tiger Shroff MovieWhy Did you Change Your Name from Jai to Tiger?

I am a spiritual person. So when one numerologist told me to change my name from Jai to Tiger, I did. In fact everyone even calls me Tiger, nobody calls me Jai. It was my official name on the passport, which has also been changed now. So, there was no other intention to change my name.

What’s Your Reaction to the Twitter jokes?

I am aware of what’s happening with my name on Twitter and its fine. We are entertainers and if my name is serving to entertain you than I am happy about it. Also the fact that I am being talked about proves that I have already got people’s attention. At this stage nothing substantial has come out, however, I am still being talked about, so it’s fine with me. What else would I want?

How are the industrywallas Reacting to your Film?

Actually even as a child I stayed away from the industry. I was always shy. I played my sports and stuck to the routine. However once I signed the film and people started noticing me, directors called up and there were many offers that came my way. I also met many of them. Ultimately I will be a part of this industry so I had to make my rapport with them.

How Was it Working With Kriti Sanon?

Oh, it was a pleasure. She is a very confident girl and brings out the best in you. If there would be no Kriti Sanon there would be no Heropanti. It’s actually her character that brings out the hero in me. So yea it was great.

Who are Your Favorite Actors from B-Town?

I love Madhuri Dixit for her beauty and her expressions, her dance is just impeccable. I also like Hrithik Roshan because he is a complete package. There hasn’t been a launch like his till date. He took the bar really high and nobody till date has been able to match that level.

One Female Actor you’d Want to Romance Onscreen?

Madhuri Dixit again. I really wish I could do a film with her

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