Top 5 Tips for Wedding Guest Photos

Top 5 Tips for Wedding Guest Photos


Wedding Breakfast Guest Photos

Tell a Story – The best photographs tell the story of the day from the bride getting ready, to the ceremony, the wedding breakfast through to the first dance. The bridal party will forget about the minute details of the day so if you can capture those then they will be grateful for ti!Bridesmaids PhotosThe Ceremony – An aisle seat will ensure you will get the bride and groom as they are entering and leaving the church or venue. It is important to capture the parents, bridesmaids and best men so you have the whole picture of the Reception photoshootThe Reception – Try to get in the background of the venue and its grounds- that way you can get a sense of place. Also aim to get some shots that are not staged, just of people talking and laughing without knowing you are taking picture so them. This relaxed and impromptu attitude can capture some beautiful shots.Bride and Groom WeddingIt’s Not a Competition – Be aware that you are not the only one who wants to takes pictures of the bride and groom, so give people space to get their shots in too or you might cause an argument and no bride or groom wants that on their wedding day.chair backs, dress details, flowers, Wedding DecorationsThe Little Details –The small details often cost a lot of money- so the chair backs, dress details, flowers, rings and favours should have some attention too- after all they all make up the overall look of the day!

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