Friends Forever

Friends Forever


Friends ForeverFrom the very beginning we are introduced to the idea of friendship. When we are toddlers the idea of friends is just someone to play with but as the time passes by one starts understanding the meaning of friendship. It means survival, sense of sharing, partners in crime, and a shoulder to cry on and so on. As we grow older the importance of friends start to grow as well. We continuously learn from our friends and the fights between us. Friends are the rescuers from boredom, study partners, play partners and so on. It is not possible to disconnect with the idea of friendship.

Making friends is just isn’t enough, maintaining friendship is equally important. With family one knows that no matter what happens the family will always stick around. But in order to make good friends stay in your life and need to keep putting in efforts to keep the friendship grow stronger and also stay friends. Maintaining friendship requires time and efforts. Make sure that you appreciate your friends and appreciate what they do for you. No matter how good friends you are but always try to strike a balance and return gestures. Friendship is always two ways it runs on the basis of give and take. But it is always better to give more.

Real friends encourage each other towards positive things in life. They keep pushing them when they are lazy to do something which can turn out to be good for them. Compromise is very important in maintaining friendship. Friends often fight and instead of holding grudges against each other one should always try and compromise. There is nothing worse in this world than losing a good friend. Always try and be reliable. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When you turn to be there for your friends it makes your friendship grow stronger. Maintaining friendship is extremely important and this is what makes friends forever.

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