How To Get His Attention

How To Get His Attention


How To Get His AttentionGrabbing the attention of Mr. Right and getting him to notice you may seem easier on TV or movies but it is not easy in reality in fact it is a lot more than anyone can imagine. What you need are the right ways to grab his attention towards yourself.

Most of the women feel shy when it comes to Mr. Right. They find it very difficult to divert his attention towards them. Afraid to approach them, they only depend on luck to get the attention of their handsome and charming prince. It seems pretty easy in movies where everything looks so easy but in reality it turns out to be much tougher than one can imagine.  But we are here to guide you. We are going to tell you different ways to grab the attention of your Mr. Right. Just read on and follow these steps and see the magic happen.

  • The first thing which you need to remember is the most common thing of all and everyone will suggest this every time you show signs of shyness. Be confident. Yes confidence is the key factor which help you reach up to him without any hesitation have faith and confidence in yourself.
  • Being confident is good but sometimes being nervous also has its charm. It can also make some magic happen so being a little bit nervous would be all alright but too much nervous will turn out to be bad for you so be careful.
  • Here is what you need to do to grab your very first attention from the guy. Whenever you see him come your way just try to walk in front of him in such a way that he sees you but a first try not show any sort of reaction. Just walk in front of him and pass by him and make it look like that he is just another person.
  • While doing that when you get an eye contact, just smile for two, three seconds and then get back to whatever you were doing.
  • If he does not comes over and talks to you then don’t rush things. It may take time for him o fully notice you. So relax.
  • When he finally comes and talk to you, like I said before just be confident and talk.
  • While talking you need to carry out through the entire conversation. So you better have loads of things stocked for you to talk about.
  • Lot of guys likes those who have a good sense of humor. So don’t be afraid to crack some good jokes.
  • Sure guys do notice you figure but that is not the right way to get the attention if you are looking for a long term relationship. Your way of dressing should be expressing your own style which should make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Showing him your style is another thing but you need to show him that you also have the brains along with beauty. Show him how intelligent and smart you are during your conversations. Of course this does not mean talking about school homework. Just have a smart conversation.
  • It is a common thing to talk about the interests which you both have in common. It helps you to know each other better and it extends the duration of your conversation.
  • The best way to keep his attention towards you is to just be his friend. Friendship will fill in the missing gaps between and will help you to get closer to the man of your dreams.
  • Don’t act so flirty because when it comes to guys they will find it awkward when a girl is being too flirty.
  • Don’t try to become something that you are not. Just be yourself and act the way you usually do.
  • Be positive, be happy and smile. It will be good but when you are sad then don’t be afraid to let it all out and make sure your dream guy sees your tears because this may cause him to come up to you and comfort you.

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