Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty TipsWell there are different skin tones and they can be reactive or sensitive to some face solutions. While there are some people who prefer to purchase the branded products from cosmetic store.

Whereas one can easily create homemade solutions at home just by making correct use of ingredients available to them. Eating fresh fruits and drinking milk every day can add more into your beauty.

Here are some homemade beauty tips you can try at home:

First Homemade Recipe:

When we talk about homemade recipes this idea come on top. It can be in different forms. Peach scrubs, milk/lemon scrub, moisturizing scrub, curd, honey and lemon scrub, tomato puri mask or malai, egg yolk, rose water and Multani matti all can be mixed together or applied directly on one’s skin. Every kind of skin can be deal with homemade masks.

Second Homemade Recipe:

One can also make use of lavender oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil. Applying Castor oil over eyes makes them less tiresome. However, egg yolk helps in skin tightening and tomato acts as a shiner or polisher over ones skin. Pumpkin mask in summer makes your skin glow.

Third Homemade Recipe:

Instead of using the mud masks or fairness creams you can save money by using Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera makes skin white and blemishes the acne and pimples on one’s skin. Use the leave, uncover it, spread the jelly over your face in day time can be very positive.

Fourth Homemade Recipe:

Even the powders like cinnamon, sandal and milk can be added with Aloe Vera jel or papaya leaves. The fine paste helps your skin to glow and give whiter effect.

Fifth Homemade Recipe:

For lip smoothening wash face with warm water slightly rub the lips and apply Vaseline, honey or malai on the surface. It will make them shinning and smooth. Mali (milk butter) mixing with rose water/pastels can also work well.

Sixth Homemade Recipe:

There are other issues apart from skin related issues for example “Hair Treatment Solutions”. the one best hair treatment done theory hot oil message- coconut oil, olive oil, egg oil, mustard oil, soar yogurt should be applied for at least half an hour to 1 hour to make then soften. After applying the paste overhead give your hair steam after half an hour and then wash with warm water. The mixture of juices like Amla and lime juice can be added as well.

Seventh Homemade Recipe:

Always go for the antiseptic face mask which should be able to absorb the extra oil and shine up the pores.

Eighth Homemade Recipe:

To save from eruptions like black heads, white heads, pimples and acne. To get rid of all these make use of Multani matti, add water and use it as a herbal mask. To remove black heads just make an addition of one more ingredients in Multani Matti that is turmeric. Apart from that crushed sandal wood in it.

Ninth Homemade Recipe:

Steam your face it helps in opening the clogged pores ad soften one skin.

Tenth Homemade Recipe:

To stop the nail breakage and tearing we have one more solution make use of cuticle remover, nail oil, wear nail varnish can act as a base coat towards protection. The nail hardener saves the brittle nails from breakage. If you want to grow your nails apply ginger and garlic paste on outer skin and deeply penetrate to fill the empty space inside.

While following these homemade tips one can protect the skin, body, hair or mails from lot of problems.

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