Indian Homemade Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Indian Homemade Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

The skin and its structure are all dependent on the kind of environment you are living it. The moisture and oil content of your skin thus varies given your geographical location. Though Oily Skin is good to keep your skin healthy in the winters.

Beauty TipsAnd have it looking young and glowing, it has its drawbacks too It can make your face feel heavy and moist and sticky, at the same time it becomes almost like a makeup resistant texture which makes your makeup wither away.  Following are a few tips to keep the oil of your skin in control.

1. Cleanse: Cleansing may seem like a very fanciful thing to do with a branded lotion or moisturizer, but the best cleanser for oily skin is milk. Cleansing your skin thrice a day can always help maintain and even reduce the oil content of your skin and still keep it radiant and fresh.

2. Face Masks: face masks when removed take with them most and almost all of your facial oils with them leaving your skin dry yet glowing. With oily skin, it is best to apply masks almost as frequently as weekly. Not only are homemade masks made of ground almond, shredded dried orange peels and wheat easy to make and handy they add the nutrition your skin needs and still leave them dry and feasible for your day to day makeup.

3. Wash Your Face: The more you cleanse your face the more you will have to wash it as well. With any simple face wash at hand, just wash your face thrice a day to rid your skin of all excessive oils.

4. Fruits: Though eating fruits is of great help, applying them on oily skin helps as well. A mashed apple with a touch of honey can do wonders for your oily skin. Applied for not more than 20 minutes it gives your skin that extra glow and ensures no oils remain that make you uncomfortable and sticky. Similarly a mixture of almond, lemon and honey can be used Applying this mixture for 15 minutes can be proven very effective and healthy for oils skins.

So does a mixture of papaya and lemon. But then again eating fruits can’t be harmful either. Just as frequently as you apply them be sure to eat them as well. Not only do they improve the iron and protein content, they keep your blood gushing to your cheeks and give you a natural blush and radiance keeping all oils limited in production.

5. Drink a Lot of Water: as simple as this may sound, this is also the soundest advice one can give to any person with oily skin. With a polluted environment and a diet that contains mostly fast food and cannot be avoided, water becomes a great and always at hand antitoxin for your skin. It keeps you on your toes and fresh and a lot of it can never do harm to your skin only good. Make it a part of your diet to avoid oily skin.

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