8 Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Old

8 Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Old

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Make up can make you fresh and young as ever or turn out in a completely opposite situation making you look dull and old. To avoid the latter, here is a list of “don’t”s you would definitely want to use so as to take off years from your face rather than wear them.

Beauty experts have suggested that keeping old make up in your make up bag for too long can start showing on your face faster than ever. Beauty routines are meant to be refreshed frequently in order to adapt yourself and your skin to the ever evolving trends. As you age, all you can worry about is hiding those cracks and lines or dark eye bags that leave your skin looking weary and dull. A few common mishaps that most women make or rather “over do” are listed below which eventually end up making them seem even more older than they actually are.

1. Foundation Overload

Foundation is meant to hide the lines and cracks from your face. But, too much of it on your face would result in cracks and lines themselves whenever you sweat. A little application of this cosmetic is perfect for discoloration only otherwise there is a high degree of chance that luminosity may be sapped away from your skin making you look older and paler. Avoid foundations that are labeled “matte” or “velvet”. Instead, go for something with sheer liquid ingredients in it.

2. Too much cake

The pancake powder is merely used for a final touch right after the application of the foundation. However, some women tend to over apply the powder assuming it would eradicate the dark eye bags and discoloration even further. Too much application of the pancake increases the probability of occurrence of the cracks and wrinkles that appear whilst sweating. Too much of any cosmetic makes you sweat even more and thus, gives an old touch to your overall look.

3. Over plucked eyebrows

Highlighting the eyebrows is an essential part of any makeover look that you want to try on your face. It highlights the makeup giving an out of the world touch if practiced appropriately. Plucking them properly and giving them a right shape is vital to add beauty to your makeup look. However, over plucking them may seem that you don’t have any at all or that you lack the necessary amount of hair on the area. Thereby, making you look not only like an oldie but also a bit odd.

4. Black liner

Black liner always adds all the drama needed for a perfectly exquisite makeup look. But, it may only define darkness and it is widely known to make eyes look smaller and heavier, as though, filled with sleep even when that is not actually the case. So, a brown liner over black is always preferred and the best way to apply it would be to highlight the inner lashes with a brown pencil first and focusing more towards the outer layer as you approach the end of the eye. It will add a softening look to the eye and will not even look as bad as the black if it smudges.

5. Runny Mascara

Overloading your eyes with mascara can cause your lashes to become thick by joining with other lashes and may sometimes cause the mascara to run off wildly making you look hideous in case any water contact is made. Runny mascaras can cause dark eyes bags around the area of the eyes and cause you to look even more older than you actually are. Using tissues to wipe off any excess mascara can be great help or a waterproof mascara would work best. Also, start applying the mascara from the inner eyelids towards the outside so that the lashes are full with volume.

6. “Blah” cheek color

Choosing the right color for your cheeks is very important. Dull and “blah” cheek color can make you look pale and might just add to any discoloration on the face. This makes the skin looks dull and wipes away the translucent color from your eyes. A bright and rosy cheek color may brighten up youthful skin whereas, dark matte colors always tend to bring out the oldness in you.

7.  Red lips

Fuller colors for the lips are always preferred over dark ones because dark colors tend to highlight a smaller surface. Overdoing the red lip color specially if its dark bloody red can cause you to appear older than you actually are and may even seem hurtful for the eyes if you do not know how to carry it appropriately. Red is a very bold color and must be worn with utmost confidence only with plain outfits preferably blacks or whites with gold.

8. Forgetting the blush altogether

Not only is the blush color essential while applying makeup but, just the blush itself is also a vital part of the overall makeover look because it adds the extra topping to any makeover and is the only element that can actually add brightness and luminosity to your face. It highlights the cheeks and cheek bones if applied properly and may even seem to add a fuller look to the cheeks. Forgetting the blush is one common mistake most women make thinking they will pull off the foundation and/or powder on its own. But, this causes your makeup look to appear unfinished and may cause skin to look pale thereby resulting in an old, droopy look.

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