Nail Colors Trend For Fall 2011

Nail Colors Trend For Fall 2011

nail colors trend for fall 2011Beautiful hands are speaking evidence of women’s personality while the clean, neat shaped nails are the speaking evidence of hands beauty. Nails need a proper care as the other parts of body. All the fashions of nails and hands are incomplete if you don’t take special nail care.

However like all other fashion trends nail polish colors and nail shape trends also change with the passage if time. Are you getting bore with old nail polish colors? Then after our nail care tips have a look of latest trend of nail colors for fall 2011.

Black nails are on the top of the list of nail colors for fall 2011. Black nails with black rings, wow give a trendy and bold look. The plus point of black nail colors is it can be wear with all colored costumes and accessories.

The trend of nail colors for fall 2011 also brings Metallic & Gold nail colors. Metallic nail colors were very popular in 80’s, so leave the common pinky shades. The very another leading trend of nail color fall 2011 is Greige and Matte Nail Color. Matte and greige nail colors suits on every length & shape of nails. Although greige and matte colors have different shades, but popular for fall 2011 are nearly pastel and matte candy shades.

Red shades of nails are irreplaceable, so when you want to give charming look then apply red nail polish in fall 2011.

Manicured neat nails are also in the list of nail color fall 2011. The manicured neat nails can also be wearing with any kind of costume color as they give a neat and formal look. From school, college girl to old age women, everyone can easily wear manicured neat nails.

Anyhow to enjoy completely the latest trends you need to take special care of your nails.

Nail Care Tips to make your nails more beautiful:

  • For healthy nails calcium and iron intake is must. To provide essential nutrients increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • The daily nail care tip is washing your nails with soft brush once in a day.
  • Try to avoid hard soaps, as they struck the shine of your nails.
  • The another cleansing nail tip is use of lemon, lemon will not only clean your nails thoroughly but also will give the shine.
  • Nail moisturizing is important nail care tip which helps you to increase the beauty of your nails. There are very different ways to moisture your nails. Take warm milk in a bowl and soak your nails and hand in it for 10 mins.
  • For strong and healthy nails the use of olive oil is best nail care tip. Take warm olive oil and soak you nails in it for 10 min, this will definitely make your nails strong. Not only moisturize the nails but also help to grow the length.
  • If you have nail biting habit, then the best nail tip to stop biting is garlic cloves. Rub garlic clove on your nails, it also grow the length of nails.

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