Treat Blackheads with Egg White

Treat Blackheads with Egg White

Treat Blackheads with Egg WhiteEgg white has a number of health uses. Egg white acne treatment is very common when it comes to using home remedies for the treatment of acne, and black heads.

Our skin pores are closed which trap the air inside and does not give room for dirt to settle in the pores. However, open pores excrete oil which when exposed to air turn dark and dirty forming black heads. Black heads are mostly removed by squeezing the pores and forcing the trapped dirt to come out. This can lead to scars on your skin if not done properly or by a professional. Another alternate is to remove all black heads at once. By applying any medication or cream which contains salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, black heads can be easily removed. Other more economical and safe home remedies include egg white black head mask which can be easily prepared at home.

Egg white removes black heads resulting in a clear and clean skin. A homemade egg white black head mask is extremely beneficial for the skin and is also very effective. It is also free of chemicals and does not require any squeezing of the comedones. The preparation of the egg white black head mask is fairly simple.

  • Separate your egg yolk from your egg white. Use the egg yolk in other home remedies such as hair treatments etc.
  • Whisk your egg yolk and apply generously on your face. Do not apply on eye area and on the lips.
  • Do not talk and let the egg white black head mask to dry off naturally.
  • When fully dried, peel it off bit by bit and notice how egg white removes black heads.
  • If you cannot pull off your mask and feel it is too thin, here is another piece of advice. Apply one layer on your face and place a tissue paper on the face. Make sure you make holes in the tissue paper for eyes and lips. Generously apply the egg white black head mask on the tissue paper. When it dries off completely, remove the tissue paper and out come all your black heads.

Egg white removes black heads completely. Although the egg white black head mask is very slimy and slippery to apply, you need to be a little patient in its application. Also make sure that it dries off completely before you start peeling it off. It acts as a natural peel off mask which removes all blemishes and dirt from the pores making your skin neat, clean and radiant.

Egg white black head mask can also dry your skin. So if you already have dry skin, make sure you regularly apply a moisturizer before using the mask. Lysozyme found in egg white destroys the bacteria and is therefore beneficial in acne treatments. Black heads, if not removed at an early stage, can lead to severe acne and skin disorders. This egg white black head mask when applied regularly will lead to an acne free skin.

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