Winter Skin Care Secrets

Winter Skin Care Secrets

Winter Skin Care SecretsWinter is a dry weather and it brings aridity to some women’s skin. This is a general problem for many women their skin cracks out in this weather so everyone women should follow some winter skin care tips.

Every woman wants that her skin glow, so one should follow some winter care secrets to keep a perfect glowing skin. Winter skin care is very important because this is a harsh weather so one should protect her skin.

One of the essential winter skin care secrets is to moisturize your skin. Get a good moisturizer for winters. Go for those moisturizers which are oil based they are called ointment moisturizers, don’t get water based as they work best in summers. This will create a layer on the skin which will protect your skin from further damage. Even nights creams can work as winter moisturizers because they are oil based. So the question here arises which oil based moisturizer should one use for winter skin care, get almond oil and coconut oil based moisturizers they will surely work out.

Another winter skin care secrets is to apply sun block. Sun block is not for summers it is for winters too because in winters you can also get sunburn, it is difficult to apply it in this harsh weather but it is very important. For your winter skin care applies sun block 30 minutes before you leave your home. Always use a sun block of SPF 15 in winter.

Winter skin care doesn’t mean that all you have to worry is about your face and body but lips are also very essential. Lips become very dry in this weather so the winter skin care secrets is to use Vaseline on your lips it is the only thing that can make your lips look soft and glowing.

Many people are still unaware of the fact that warm water damages the skin especially in winters.  One of the winter skin care secrets is not to take bath with warm water because it takes out the moisture from the skin so it’s better to use Luke warm water.

The most beneficial winter skin care tip is to drink a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water can make your skin looks fresher it’s an important winter skin care tip.  Although in winters one doesn’t feel like drinking much water but try drinking it. 8 to 10 glasses of water are enough this will make your skin hydrated Drink fresh juices, in this weather apple, pomegranate and carrot juice is best for winter skin care as it is enriched with vitamins. The winter skin care secrets are to take healthy diet. Fish is another winter skin care secret, eating it can make your skin look wrinkle free and its stop anti aging.

The most important winter skin care secrets are how to clean your face, stop using face washes. Get cleansing milk they will make your skin hydrated. Use them twice a day. Exfoliate your skin regularly.

These winter skin care tips must are winter skin care secrets and every women can follow it.

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