7 Floral Mehndi Designs for Beginners

7 Floral Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Girls like to decorate their hands with Henna. They don’t spare an occasion to get their hands adorned with intricate mehndi designs. But usually, women are in a dilemma to choose a design for their palms. But do you know that there is a design that never goes out of fashion? We’re talking about the floral motifs in Henna. You can draw different types of flowers and leaves on your palms. If you think that you can’t find diversity in Floral Mehndi Designs, then let me correct you that there are plenty. There are some designs that you might not have even seen before. so today we’re going to tell you some mehndi designs which can make your palms look from dull to fab in just a few minutes.

1. Plain Floral Designs

Plain Floral Designs

You can draw a plain floral pattern on your palms. They are simple yet impart an intricate look on your hands. you can try this design on both sides of your hand.

2. Flower Designs Covering the Palms

Flower Designs Covering the Palms

This design covers your entire palm. It might take some time and expertise as well. This design looks subtle yet fuller on your palms.

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3. Flower Designs Covering Only Palms

Flower Designs Covering Only Palms

In this design, the only palm is covered with floral motifs. You don’t have to draw any type of pattern on your fingers and the back of your hand. This design is a bit smaller, but it looks good if done properly.

4. Twister Floral Design

Twister Floral Design

This design lies on a bit tougher side. You need to be a bit expert in imitating this design on your palms. When you look at this design, you can never tell, where the pattern has started and where’s the end point is. You can cover the back of your hands with this design.

5. Floral Pattern for Kids

Floral Pattern for Kids

There are some designs which are beautiful yet small. They can be imitated very well on the small palms of the children. You can draw 2-3 flowers with the leaves on their palms.

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6. One-Sided Floral Motifs

One-Sided Floral Motifs

This design covers only one side of the palm. The other side of the palm is left empty. You can cover 2-3 fingers of your palm to add some detail.

7. Glittery Floral Pattern

Glittery Floral Pattern

You can decorate your Floral Patterns further by decorating them with some glitter and embellishments. You can use a different type of glitters that are exclusively available in the market for mehndi designs.

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