How To Prevent Razor Rash After Shaving

How To Prevent Razor Rash After Shaving

Prevent Razor Rash After ShavingRazor burns and rashes after a shave are a nuisance. Men all over the world face the same dilemma of being left over with a bumpy and scratchy face in hope of a smooth one after a shave.

Here are some tips to prevent razor rash after shaving and on how to get your razor glide on your skin.

  • Choosing The Best Time To Shave:

The first step towards a rash free skin is choosing the right time to shave. People tend to shave before they take a bath, or without rinsing off their face properly. This practice is not correct. One should shave in the middle of a bath, or after rinsing off the face properly; using warm or hot water.This allows the facial skin to get soft and tender and plum, allowing the razor to go smooth. Rinsing up your face allows for the dead skin to peel off that can play a significant part in the shave time discomforts.

  • Lather Up Your Face:

Load your face up with shaving cream. Make sure that it’s of good quality and suits up the tone of your skin. Avoid using normal soap as it dries up your skin and increases chances of getting rashes. Apply just enough to dig your hairs in. Allow at least 5 minutes for the shaving cream to kick into action. Shaving creams tenderizes and softens up the skin and the hair so that the razor gets an even flow on the skin.

  • Choosing The Razor:

Purchasing a good quality razor does matter. Ordinary and cheap razors have a low quality blade that gets worn out and rusty after a shave or two. Reusing that same razor gives razor burns after the shave which is a very unpleasant sight.

  • Shaving:

Gently hold the razor, and shave, making tender strokes and applying moderate pressure. Do not force the razor through your skin over dry parts. Shave the beard on the way of growth of your hairs, going against it increases the chances of cuts and rashes. Don’t forget to rinse the razor after every stroke to ensure a smooth clean shave. Also, be calm and patient when shaving. Rushing your way most certainly increases your chances of getting cuts and burns, and can lead to nasty look. Avoid shaving the done areas over and over again. After done, gently wash your face and dry it. Apply a balm if any rashes are visible and avoid contact on that part. The best tip to avoid having razor burns is limiting the shave to at most twice a week.

  •  Taking Care Of Your Skin:

This can be perhaps the most important part of all. One should take good care of his skin and use moisturizers and lotions to keep the skin well moisturized and conditioned. A well-toned facial skin occasionally takes on any cuts, bruises or rashes due to shaving. Also it is a good practice to apply Aloe-Vera based creams, lotions and after shaves to soothen up the skin and prevent the irritation due to any possible rashes.

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