Shaving Tips and Techniques for Men

Shaving Tips and Techniques for Men

Shaving Tips and Techniques for MenNeat, trendy and modish Shaving styles are requisite for having a dashing look in man’s personality.

 The day starts with the first ray of light and for men the first thing which comes to their mind is the most important and the very initial task of the day which is shaving. Without shaving men’s day is incomplete.

Also men are very keen on the shaving styles to look attractive to the opposite sex; shaving techniques and styles has to be use very carefully and aptly to give the best of the men’s looks. Hence the most useful and the essential shaving tips and shaving techniques for men are as follows

  • Do Not Shave Instantly:

 It is highly recommended by the experienced men that men should not start shaving just after getting up in the morning. It is one of the very important shaving tips, and it is for the reason that men’s face needs some time to get over the puffiness which is caused due to the face resting upon the pillow. Hence at least five to ten minutes after getting out of bed must be given to the skin so that the face gets ready for the men’s days initial and most essential task of shaving.

  • Wet and Wash:

Next in the shaving tips, is the washing of face and thus making it wet completely cleansing it eventually, especially with bit of warm water, before starting shaving? This dampening effect swells the facial hair shafts, assisting in achieving the close shave for men.

  • Vitamin enriched shave cream:

 A vitamin enriched shave cream if blended with aloe Vera essence is much beneficial to use, as it provides smooth soothing shave and also protects against the rashes and burns caused due to razors. This is definitely one of the best shaving techniques.

  • Use of Sharp Blade:

 Another important shaving tip is that sharp blades must be used for getting a smooth and close shave as the dull blades cause more shaving cuts as it tends to catch skin along with the hairs of the beard.

  • Rinsing Blade during Shave:

 Rinsing of the blade should be done repeatedly after every blade stroke in hot water and it is pertinent to mention here that short and slow strokes must be made with razor in the face rather than long and fast strokes.

  • Shave with the Grain:

Shave with the grain is also one of the beneficial shaving techniques and is the best for getting the best shaving styles for men. Shaving with the grain envisages the shaving in the direction of the growth of the hairs, which is the convenient way to shave as otherwise if shaving against the grain is done, then resultantly rashes, razor burns and redness occurs on the face which ultimately becomes painful.

  • Moisturizers:

Shaving tips which are useful after accomplishment of a successful face shave for men is the very essential use of antiseptic moisturizer which must be free of oil, eventually to smoothen up the skin and thus protect the face giving an ultimate fresh and shiny look.

  • Alcohol based aftershaves:

 Another one of the pertinent shaving tips is not to use alcohol based aftershaves which though may feel good at the time of application but eventually then become irritating. It is pertinent to mention here that Menthol has the same effects.

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