What to Wear with Bermuda Shorts

What to Wear with Bermuda Shorts

What to Wear with Bermuda ShortsIf you have yet to invest into funky or suave pair of Bermuda Shorts, you’ve missed the fashion bandwagon! The Bermuda Shorts were only considered to be the dress-of-choice for younger kids in India.

For guys, it used to be just a pajama style till they’re in home. True, the crowd did use to frown upon the laid-back appearance of a pair of Bermuda Shorts in public. That chapter is ancient history now!

Bermuda Shorts or crops or knee-pants have taken the world by a storm. In both West and East, the Bermuda Shorts have been promoted in the attire levels. As a guy, you can wear them as your ‘jammies’ and regular casuals as well. Even if they’re not in the semi-formals, a nice gathering of friends with appropriate top, you can even take your Bermuda Shorts in a fine-dining places in India.

Stop being self-conscious when you opt in for Bermuda Shorts and wear them with confidence in different ways. Checkered Bermuda Shorts are a must-have for every age group. You can differentiate your style by the color and fit of the shorts that are available. It can fall well within your budget as well. There are both branded and local options in checkered Bermuda Shorts for you.

For a beach look, white or lighter Bermuda Shorts with printed casual shirts. They let you have a breezy look which is different than just wearing a simple t shirt. Not to mention, the pictures would look real nice! For hanging out with friends, a collared t shirt with any Bermuda Shorts would totally rock.

As for the shoes, your flip-flop chappals, slippers, and casual shoes/sandals would suit any ensemble with Bermuda Shorts. However, the jogging shoes and sneakers work fine with the Bermuda Shorts, yet they give a very “gym” vibe if worn outside. Prefer a chappal or any casual sandal instead of joggers with Bermuda Shorts when going out shopping or dinner.

A rookie mistake that people do while buying Bermuda Shorts is that of fabric and pockets. Some opt in for really flimsy ‘khaddi’ fabric when their Bermuda Shorts usage is actually quite aggressive or strenuous. It increases the chances of your Bermuda Shorts to be torn. For a rough or more active usage, even thicker or stronger fabric can also provide you the same breathe-ability. Pockets are a MUST-HAVE if you are buying Bermuda Shorts to be worn outside. Usually, when you like a design without them, you might think you would make do without putting stuff in pockets. But never compromise on that, since the car keys, cell phone(s), wallet, and any additional items cannot be juggled at all times!


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