10 Reasons People Might Cuss On First Date

10 Reasons People Might Cuss On First Date

The average person on a first date typically tries to make a good first impression, so off-color language or offensive behavior is generally considered to be taboo. Things happen, though, and first dates don’t always go so smoothly. Sometimes you have to set decorum aside, other times you have no say in the matter. Today we’re gong to look at ten reasons why people might cuss on a first date:

Might Cuss On First Date1: First Date is At Sporting Event – Remember, the word fan is short for fanatic, and when it comes to fanatics and their teams, all bets are off. Unless of course you’re Pete Rose, but that’s another article.

2: Tourette’s Syndrome – Some people simply can’t help themselves. We sympathize completely with those poor It’s stressful enough on a first date without having to deal with this.

3: Locking keys in The Car This is enough to drive anyone to fits of cussing, as far as we’re concerned. Never mind, Tourette’s, Forgets Syndrome causes way more volatile side effects. Trust us on this one.

4: Chicken Flambé – This is what happens when you try too hard to impress. You order something unusual at some fancy schmancy French restaurant. It comes to your table engulfed in flames as you’re bending down to pick up the napkin you fumbled to place on your lap. Your hair will be fully regrown long before anyone forgets this night.

5: Talking About Their Ex – Let’s face it, it’s easy to slip into some fairly salty language when the mood is right. You may wish to keep the animosity you’re still feeling toward your ex to yourself.  At least until the third date, anyway. And get some anger management therapy.

6: Seeing The Restaurant Check – If the chicken flambé doesn’t get you, one look at the damages might do the trick. We’ll take care of the tip on this one: Don’t bite off more than you can chew just to make an impression.

7: It Just Comes Naturally – There are those, on the other hand, who swear like a drunken sailor even under normal circumstances. It could just be nerves, too. This is what dating is all about, though – discovering each other’s charming little peccadilloes that make us so interesting.

8: Sex On The First Date – Hey, it happens. Or so we’re told. When it does happen, we understand there’s a little thing called pillow talk that also takes place. So the language could get a little colorful, is all we’re saying.

9: Getting Stood Up – On the plus side, you won’t lose any style points for this one. There’s no one there except you to hear the expletives. Try to get it out of your system before driving home, or calling him.

10: PTMD ( Post-Tarrantino Movie Disorder ) – If your date included a movie, it’s possible that discussing, or even quoting from it, might involve some dicey dialogue. As long as no one’s hair caught fire, or was left holding the bag, we say it’s all good.

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