New Year Tips to Wow Your Man!

New Year Tips to Wow Your Man!

New Year DateWe have enlisted the help of Head & Shoulders Dating Expert, Matthew Hussey on having confidence on your Dating nights in 2014. It could be a new romance or simply reigniting the flame with your current partner- either way it pays to have the tips up your sleeve to wow your man! Advertisement lovestruck “When it comes to being single, it’s making sure you have the confidence to go out there and meet that stranger who could turn out to be the love of your life.  For those in a relationship, even those who are happily married, it’s finding the confidence to allow yourself to feel sexy, flirty and leave your daily life behind,” says Matthew.

1. Be prepared

Often one of the greatest fears of going on a date is the fear of not having anything to say. Before you go out, think of 5 things you can bring into a conversation. Be it about something you watched, a news clip or a new exciting activity you’re looking at trying.

2. Smell your Best

When you smell something you feel something. That’s why having your hair smelling incredible can leave a guy feeling a flush of attraction. Use a scented shampoo such as head & shoulders Apple Fresh with new Scent Burst Technology* which makes your hair smell so good it does the flirting for you!

3. Give them your full attention

When meeting new people we can get caught up in how we’re coming across that we forget to pay attention to the other person. One of the best ways to get out of your own head and be in the moment is to focus 100% on your date. Not only will it ease your own pressure, but it will make the other person feel important and you’ll actually hear what they have to say.

4. Live in the Present and Dream of the Future

The go to for most people on a date night is either to either talk about their current stresses or past memories. Break this cycle by talking about each other’s current interests (not stresses) and future growth.

5. Try moving  Between Different Locations

Create more memories on your date by switching up the venue halfway through. Each time you do this you’re creating a new memory together on the date, so that by the end you have a level of comfort and connection that most people never experience when they sit talking in the same place for two hours straight.

6. Learn Something New

When we first start dating someone one of the most exciting things that happens is we get invited into their world. They teach us new things, things we haven’t had the time of inclination to learn ourselves in our lives so far. The longer a relationship goes on, the more we begin to synchronize our knowledge. Make it a point to read a new book, listen to a podcast, or take a new class before date night so that you can surprise your partner with new and interesting things you’ve learnt recently. Keep him surprised with the ways you are expanding yourself.

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