Smart Dating Tips With Married Boss

Smart Dating Tips With Married Boss

Smart Dating tips for menDating was easy when we were in high school because dating a guy was all about passing cute notes in class or going out for lunches and parties. Life is easy as long as you don’t have the ability to understand body languages and gestures because in high school, the only thing that worried us about Dating was that it might affect our studies. But as you get mature, dating men can be much less clear cut. You judge his every move including his body language and mannerisms and then, attach certain meaning to it. So, here are some smart dating tips with your married boss:

1. Don’t treat work as an extended quality time

Keep your work time as professional as possible. It does not mean that you should not look nice in your office. You should always look at your best but keep your mini dates for somewhere more private.Although you are dating your married boss but you should never take his order leniently.

2. Flirty texts messages only during working hours

If you are dating your married boss, you should be very careful about texting him. Never text or call him if he is at home because there are fair chances that his wife will be around and you can get caught.

3. Never go out together everyday

If you will go out on a date with your married boss every other day, everybody will get suspicious at work and at your boss’s home as well. Whenever you are dating your married boss, book a place somewhere more private. You should make sure that the place is far away from the work place and your boss’s home because you surely don’t want to get bumped into somebody you know.

4. Don’t express your feelings if he does not first

Never express your feelings to your married boss, if he does not show any sign first. Make sure that he shows signs like flirty text messages or flirty comments because in other case, you can lose your job if your boss does not feel the way you do.

5. Keep it a secret

The first and foremost principle of dating your married boss is to keep it a secret. Don’t get clingy with your boss if he is busy. Also, you should make sure that you don’t develop the jealousy element that he is married and has a wife at home or else, it can ruin your relationship.

6. Never go public about your relationship

Its every girl’s dreams to find a perfect man and then tell everybody about it because keep your relationship a secret is surely a tough job. Never think of going public about your relationship if you are dating your married boss.

7. Always be ready for a breakup plan

Try not to mix your professional life with your private life because if you somehow arrive at a situation where you have to break-up with your married boss, things can get awkward at the workplace and due to that, you might lose your job.

8. Never make out anywhere in the office

Making out anywhere in the office, even in the elevator can be a huge risk because it increases the chances of you getting caught. Your married boss should buy a place somewhere private where you both can hang out whenever you want to.

9. Career should always comes first

You should always have a backup plan in case you break-up with your married boss. So, your career should always come first because it is your only means of subsistence. 

10. If you have a better option, go for it!

You know that dating your married boss is always a risk with a long list of consequences like getting caught, losing your job, embarrassment at the work place etc. So, if you ever get a better option, you should always consider it.

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