Tips to flirt with the guy you really like

Tips to flirt with the guy you really like

flirt with the guy you really likeFlirting is an art and it can be performed in a certain way. There are number of ways to deal with the guys you like most. Most of the girls prefer to flirt with the guy they like.

For them, we have a list of tips like how to behave, how to dress up and how to talk while sitting in the company of their aspired guy so that the love can be created and feeling can be strengthened in the heart of the guy which is like by the girl.

Flirting is an art and some girls really have this art which make them special in the eyes of other girls because they are able to deal with the boy they like. Do you really want to be that girl? Let us help you, we have formulated the below mentioned tips which will be of great help to you to flirt with the guy you really like.

  •    Smile and Blush:

Boys love those girls who are happy and look like a pure girls instead of cow-boys- girl. This is very important. Boys love those girls who smile, laugh and behave charmingly while having conversations with the boys. Don’t be arrogant and rude because what smile can do, it can never be done by the other factors like dressing etc.

  •     Pass Compliments and Thanks:

It is natural; boys love compliments and flirty conversation because it makes them proud, satisfied and happy towards the girls. You should comment whatever you like in the boy and do not forget to pay thanks for his favors and kindness towards you. Boys like those girls who pass compliments and never ashamed to get frank.

  •    Look into the eyes:

It is rightly said that the way to man’s heart is from his eyes. Don’t forget to look deep into the eyes of the guy while talking to him. That is the most appropriate way to take guy into the fold of your love and make him aware about your feelings and aspirations about him. For that, it is not needed that you are in love with him but what is needed is the deep looking eyes, smile and happy face to make him attracted towards you because guys love those girls who have happy smiles.

  •    Expressive and Bold:

Feelings demand expressions. Don’t forget to express what you feel about him and be bold while expressing you opinion because guy love those girls who express and don’t hide their feeling because praising is always aspired by every human especially guys. Bold girls have always access to the heart of guy because being bold is being lucrative to the heart of man.

  •    Tease him:

Don’t forget to tease him because boys don’t like girls who got impressed soon from the boys. This is natural and against the ego of the man. Guys need to satisfy their ego so they must be inclined towards the girl who tease them and make cheesy out of them.

  •     Don’t be loud and Rash:

Be sophisticated and polite while making conversations with the guys. Speaking loud and behaving in a harsh way is discriminatory and can never be like by anyone especially boys. So, at date or at meeting spot don’t forget to remain polite nice and friendly because being loud and rash will spoil the growing romance and likeness in the heart of guy. Be calm and be kind, the guy would fall like a ripe fruit.

  •     Make him feel special:

While talking to guys make them feel special so that they treat you in a certain different way. Try to praise him in the gatherings, bring some presents or even pass compliments so that he could feel special and privileged and would take you serious. That’s how you can make your way in the heart of that guy which you like most.

  •     Touch him now and then:

Don’t forget to let him feel you touch in an indirect way. While talking to the guys, touch him now and then in a casual way so that it may feel useless at your part but guy would feel it as a special treatment. Touching is very important in this regard.

  •     Be girlish:

Be girlish while talking to the guys. They like girls and not the girls who have looks of males. Behave and dress like a girl when you are in guys to impress them and to flirt with them in your own way.

  •     Play with your hairs:

Another thing which may impress the guy is the girl’s hair. Don’t hide them, in fact, you must try that you keep on playing with your hairs while talking to guys and when you are sitting in front of them.

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