How To Solve Family Problems

How To Solve Family Problems

family problem solutionIn families where communication is minimal problems are maximal and different conflicts between parents and children can at times go on for so long due to lack of communication that feelings and attitudes become deadlocked. Problem-solving is a key to successful family functioning.

Research indicates that families who practice problem-solving techniques are more likely to pass this skill on to their children. Problem-solving skills among family members will lead to more effective resolution of both instrumental and emotional Family Relationship Problems.

Some common conflicts and problems in families are:

• Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or phobias

• Illness

• Co-dependence

• Domestic violence

• Anger

• Addiction

• Divorce

• In-law challenges

• Infidelity

• Intolerance of differences

• Inability to manage or resolve conflicts

• Over-dependency or extreme autonomy

• Financial difficulties or excesses

• Resentments

• Step families

• Sexual abuse

• Teen issues

• Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals

• Inadequate problem solving skills

• Favoring or disfavoring family members

• Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands

Don’t get panic by reading long list of problems. You can solve these problems with your own sensibility and some tips/advices I am sharing with you.

1- If you make yourself strong physically, emotionally and spiritually than you can handle the problem and can find its solution. So, takes care of yourself.

2- Patience is the key to go farward to solve the problem. Yelling at your family won’t help a lot.Don’t shout or  argue when other member is  hot minded, but once he/she get cool bring the topic along discussing what is the matter and what actually happened. Try to solve the problems don’t fight over them.

3-Family meeting: As I said lack of communication is wall between the solution of any problem so If any of the member is facing problem, the head of family should arrange meeting within family and discuss the situation and should take everyone’s point of view.May someone tell the better solution.These kinds of meeting makes family bonding more strong and each member get confident and feels strengthtfull.

4- The problem many parents have is they find it difficult to establish effective discipline because they see resolution only in terms of winning or losing; however a reluctant agreement or one in which one side feels it has lost too much is unlikely to last so a win-win approach is far more effective and durable. If parents exercise their power in resolving disputes it can be particularly counter -productive with adolescents.  Avoid bullying your children into accepting your views; it is much better to look for a positive solution that you can both live with.

5- If you are in husband wife relationship and facing some problems in your Relationship than try not to leak your problem out but be open to each other. One should understand and respect other’s feelings. Much as you are unable to solve your issue than concern to your family elders richer than your friends or neighbors.

6- If you are parents than be friends with your kids. Children should feel free to discuss their daily lives with their parents. Therefore parents should maintain their good relation with children so children will not get scare to share their problems. Whenever they share their problems with you than guide your children and acknowledge them of the right and wrong with your expirences but don’t force your children into any decision.

7- Mostly family problems and issues occurs when children comes at age of teen. That can be time when parents and their children are just not on the same page. Finding a good compromise allows the teenager greater freedom while encouraging a sense of responsibility and also reduces worry for the parent. Try to find central way which will be suitable for both of you.

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